Another Clip Show

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Gentle Reader,

After a weekend spent in bed with television (for a variety of reasons, interesting to no one) and a Monday morning spent in the doctor’s office, I figured it would be nice for some funny here on the blog.

Side note:  I’m fine, it was a pre-procedure appointment for some work I’m having done this week.  It was only SUPREMELY awkward for, like, 95% of the appointment, so WHEW!  And next time I see the doc, I’ll be legit stoned with the Good Drugs, so any residual awkwardness will be both hilarious to me, and quickly forgotten.  Expect the blog post for that day to be extra special.  And, in advance, any rugby-related stories I tell are COMPLETELY FALSE.

Side-Side note:  Nashville Navel Piercing Professionals?  Your work still garners praise after [redacted] years.  This doctor was so impressed, I kid you not, HE WENT AND GOT ANOTHER DOCTOR TO ADMIRE MY NAVEL.  (See?  Only awkward for 95% of the appointment.)

Anyway, where was I?  Oh!  The clips:

First off, I still don’t know what talent this is, but I could watch it a thousand times and never be disappointed in that fringe:

An oldie, but a goodie:

The newest generation of One Ls should sleep well knowing that finally, five years later, the sight of this man no longer triggers flashbacks (Thanks, Pete!):

(The memory of seeing him in his racquetball shorts, however, keeps me from sleeping at night, still.  So.  Much.  Hair.)

The grace, the majesty, the quiet nobility:

And, because OBVIOUSLY…

(The comments here are priceless.  I take no stance on the whole “1983/1989” controversy.  Also-PERSPECTIVE, people.  It’s a beauty pageant scholarship competition, not brain surgery.)

(I have clearly embraced fringe.)

Say what you will about the South.  This is one thing we get very, VERY right:

I watch some really HIGH QUALITY Youtube stuff.



PS-Apologies for the wacky spacing.  WordPress is baffling, at times.

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