Well, It’s Monday

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Gentle Reader,

I hope your Fourth of July was relaxing, warm, and filled with grilled meat products!  Friday night, I made a ramen noodle salad (the one with the cabbage and the seasoning packet and vinegar and oil–WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE???) in preparation for the ranch Fourth of July festivities.  P came over and he and mom and our friend Suzy filled approximately 7,295 water balloons for the same event.  After I got done using the mandoline, I opened wine because you know what four adults outside in the heat, armed with tiny balloons and a hose, are?  GRUMPY.  And I think we all can understand that the razor-sharp exposed blades I was using to shred cabbage needed to be safely stowed before we introduced any alcohol into the mix.  Deep cuts and blood transfusions are the opposite of freedom.

Saturday morning dawned bright and early except a little bit too late with two puppies oversleeping on the very one morning we didn’t need them to.  After I fed them and got dressed, it was time to decorate the golf cart for our annual Fourth of July Parade.  My concept sketch:


So as you can see, a) If you want truly detailed planning, you should always hire a history major to do your concept sketches, b) my fool-proof plans relied heavily on two creatures who are still tackling the “where to put the tinkle” question, and c) the Golf Cart Parade is a truly regal and noble affair.  Sedate, even.

So P and I pulled out my bags full of only the most understated glitter, tinsel, and garland and prepared to get to work.   (Side note:  Did you know they sold glitter glue in bulk????)  Except somebody who shall remain nameless except it wasn’t me, mom, or the puppies, opened the back door and Cody ran out of there like a shot.  A half-hour, four-man search and rescue ensued and Cody was located across the street at our neighbor’s, visiting with his BFFs, Willie and Cooper.  (Not that Cooper, another Cooper.)

In his defense, Willie and Cooper haven’t been over to our house to play since Brix and Backus came home because they were on New Puppy Quarantine until the week before last.  Cody has been MUY patient with these two noisy and bite-y things, standing still while they were each biting on one of his ears, quietly expressing his disgust when Brix raids the litter box, and only trying to steal their kibble 20 or 25 times a day.  But the boy misses friends his own age, so we’re happy to be able to reunite them.

Except when said reunion makes me miss my valuable float-decorating time.

Anyway, Cody was located, stowed back inside the house, and revised plans hatched.  Specifically, we decided to scrap most of the decorations and hit the high notes.  Observe:


At least I got their bandanas on them.

And the puppies had a BLAST at the event.  They proved astonishingly popular with everybody, especially the kiddos.

IMG_0774 IMG_0775

And they slept like ANGELS for most of the afternoon.  That evening, we sat on the porch and had happy hour (the 2012 Thomas pinot noir?  SIGH…NEED MOAR.) just like our Founding Fathers did.

Sunday dawned and I went into town to get more kibble (AGAIN…) and more rawhides.  Cody is very particular about his rawhides (and we are very indulgent in his particularities) and the puppies are hitting teething age and we like to have a variety of acceptable items for them to chew stashed conveniently around the house, car, and yard, at every moment of the day.  I was INSANELY excited to find out that our brand of dog food (Merrick Back Country Raw Infused Hipster No Gluten Puppy Formula) is on sale until August!  We will be stocking up, believe me.

After that, I spent some quality time with Television.  I started watching last season’s “Downton Abbey” (I had to table it during the regular season because I’m not good enough to be able to watch two televisions at once, which is what it would have required.) and I have to say that this season looks to be a complete snooze.  Edith?  Go out and be the bad girl you have always wanted to be!  Your hubby was a dud, move on.  He is CERTAINLY not worth burning down your bedroom over.  Cousin Rose?  Distributing prizes at the local school?  I’m deeply disappointed in you.  You need to go back to sneaking off with jazz singers.  Tom?  Miss Local Schoolmarm is AWFUL.  And I’m not even talking about the class issue.  She’s just as awful at a local pub as she is at an anniversary dinner party.  But her hair is way cute so this could cut either way.  And Mary?  You have already married this guy before!  Except he was blonde and had blue eyes and was named Matthew.  Mr. Generic Brunette With Crazy Teeth is SO BORING.  Please, study crop rotation more and become the independent woman that your character was created to be.

The only plot that I’m loving is the whole Maggie Smith (forget her character name)/Lady Crawley love triangle/jealousy/”She can’t marry into the peerage!” thing.  This has much potential.

Someone please tell me that this season gets better-and quickly!  Otherwise, I may be kinda over it.

And then today, because this post isn’t long enough, I started out my day by sending what is quite possibly the best possible Monday text message ever.  “What do you know about septic tanks?”

Since I’m presently eating a chicken salad sandwich for lunch, I’ll just state that the Septic Dude has been here for several hours and shows no sign of leaving soon.  Ordinarily I’d be curious but this seems to be one time, like eye surgery and gynecological instruments, that less knowledge is SO MUCH MORE.



2 thoughts on “Well, It’s Monday

  1. Ok, so it started getting better a couple episodes in, and then I moved the wrong direction across the globe after episode like 4 or something, because Britain has been done with it for like a year already, and Netflix doesn’t have it, so I’ve been stuck and will have to rewatch the whole season again when I get back, I’m sure. Where do you watch it?

    • I get it on iTunes since we don’t have broadcast TV. (I’ve done the math, and it’s WAY cheaper for us to do iTunes and Netflix–even with all of the shows that I watch…)

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