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Gentle Reader,

I have no idea where I have been for the last…MONTH???  I’m sure it involves television, and likely some shopping, and probably some food.  But let’s talk television, shall we???  We have new television, FINALLY, and it couldn’t have come a moment too soon.  Here’s what’s on the rotation here at the ranch:

(Wait.  I’m in a sweatshirt, for reasons unknown, and BURNING SLAP UP.  Hang tight.)

(There.  Back now.)

1.  Gotham-  This is, so far, the ONE new series I have added to the rotation this year.  It’s not earth-shattering, but it’s entertaining and I’m a sucker for a show with great sets and costuming.  I am not one who usually goes in for the super hero/comics-themed shows, but I like this one.

2.  American Horror Story, Freak Show-  So far, this one is the creepiest edition of the series.  Perhaps it is my already-established fear of clowns, or balloons, but I actually did dream about it after the premiere this season.  I like it.  A lot.  I’m willing to write the “Asylum” season off to a bad decision and aberration and forget that.  Appreciate it for everything it IS, not what it could be, and I think you have the secret to enjoying this show.  Subtlety isn’t one of his strengths.

3.  The Blacklist-  WHAM!  And we’re back to awesome.  Also-SWOON.  Also-really, REALLY appreciate the choice to get Lizzie out of that awful wig.

4.  The Goldbergs-  I still love this show with all my heart.  Each episode is like a hug, a twenty-minute hug with a great soundtrack.  I’m still humming The Bangles from last week’s show.  So far this season, I think, they are giving the mom (Bevvie) a more nuanced character.  Which is much appreciated because there are only so many cringe-worthy moments an audience can bear before it turns into “The Office” and Michael Scott, and we don’t need to go there again, do we?

5.  Modern Family-  Lily IS HILARIOUS.  I heart her.

And then this season I’ve broken up with one-and-a-half shows:

1.  Once Upon A Time-  It had to go.  For one thing, I’m still only about a third of the way in to LAST season, which should tell you everything you need to know about my level of interest in the show.  And I can’t really pinpoint a time for you, but somewhere along the way, a shark was jumped.  Maybe several sharks.  And perhaps because I’ve never seen the movie, this year’s “Frozen” tie-in held less than zero interest for me.  It just feels like an hour-long Disney For Grownups commercial.

2.  (The “and-a-half”, because I’m still on the fence.)  CSI-  The regular, original, Las Vegas edition.  I’ve never gotten into any of the others.  I watched the first ep of the season, and it was entertaining (because Zach Morris as a serial killer is kind of interesting) but I feel like the show has gone to such lengths to hint about DB’s past, and DB’s past with Finlay, but has never really given us any kind of answers or resolution on those issues.  Now it just feels like a cheap plot device.  I really liked it when Ted Danson joined the cast, his character was fun and different…now it seems like it’s just faded back into the “CSI routine”.  So I’m not sure if that will regain its spot in the regular rotation.

And then now that I’m finished with “Weeds”, my current “I missed it the first time around” show is “The Wire”.  It took me a few episodes to find my groove with this show, I began to question everybody who recommended the show to me (and there were a LOT of you, and I thought you were ALL a bit crazy) but then I finally figured it out, and that necessitated me going back to the beginning and watching again.  I was only on episode 5, so it wasn’t too bad to start over.  It makes a LOT more sense now, and I really like the show.  I’m told season 2 is when it really becomes appointment viewing, so I’m looking forward to it getting even better.

And I’m really excited about the “Twin Peaks” news from Showtime!  Thoughts on this important television news?  What new shows have I missed?  What shows have you added?  Broken-up with?



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