I Also Failed Crayons

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Gentle Reader,

So I mentioned on the FB the other day that I am re-taking an Old Testament class that I enrolled in last year (or year before?) and didn’t exactly finish.  (I think the fact that I can’t remember when the class actually WAS is fairly reflective of why it is that I didn’t, you know, complete the course.)  Anyway, since all of my worldly goods except my Apple products are in long-term storage (since I am supposed to be in Russia right now…), now that I have re-enrolled in the class, I have had to get new books for it (it’s a four-year study, so I can reuse them, it’s not a total loss…), including a new Bible.  Which is nice because my trusty “Catholic Study Bible” came out with a second edition in between last time I bought it and now.

And so I know there are some people who paid a lot of attention in Sunday School, and got a lot out of it as kids.  I salute you if that was your jam.  It was not mine, and so therefore I missed out on the song about the books of the Bible in order.  (At least, I’m guessing there was a song?  Probably a fun craft, too.  We’ve established my level of attention.)  So even as an adult, one who has taken religion classes, plural, and enjoys them, I still need the handy stick-on tabbies to have any hope of finding the book that I am looking for when I go to look for something in my Bible.  Because just opening it randomly, I have no clue if Tobit is before or after Joshua.  Plus, there are all those teeny tiny books in the Old Testament that drive me crazy.  Anyway, so whenever I get a new Bible I have to take time out and play with stickers.  Like I did yesterday.  See if you can spot my error, here:


I don’t know HOW I managed, but somehow, I managed to fail…AT STICKERS.

So now I have no idea what I’m going to do to try to tweeze John out of Luke, but I really do need to figure something out.  Surely I’m not the only person who has had this problem, right?  Please, humor me and tell me so.

Anyway, it’s been a rough week what with being SMOKED by Mrs. Hip Replacement 2014 in class, and now being flunked out of Remedial Stickers 101.

And now I have to go to the grocery store to procure food to eat, as apparently last night’s TV dinner was sub-par.



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