Yet Another Labrador Exceptionalism Post

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Gentle Reader,

So yesterday, the ranch vet came out to the house to give the animals their regular checkups.  Scout the Ranch Cat/Trained Killer was corralled in her utility room earlier in the day (to make it easier to find her when the vet showed up) which, as you can imagine, she LOVED.  Girlfriend had food, water, treats, and a warm pile of fresh laundry upon which to park her lazy backside and she had NONE OF IT.  She sat at the door and sang us the song of her people until the vet came in and gave her a whole new reason to sing.  But the vet has this little hood thing he puts over her head, and it’s like magic.  She calms down instantly.  Lets us pet her, hold her, give her a checkup, etc.  We asked if he could sell us one for everyday use, and he mumbled something about “not really humane” and said “No.”.  Sigh.  (I kid.  I’m not brave enough to effectively try to PUT A HAT on the girl everyday.  We don’t have enough bandaids.)

And then Cody, who had previously been given a sedative before Scout’s checkup to give him some time to chill the heck out, had his checkup.  And the boy was clearly not feelin’ it.  He kept trying to walk, and in a throwback to his early puppyhood, kept forgetting he had four paws, and tripping over three of them.  I didn’t laugh hysterically AT ALL…  Anyway, after a few attempts at this, I got down on the floor and sat beside him so he wouldn’t feel like he needed to move around to be with the people.

Anyway, so the vet did his thing, and weighed him.  I had been concerned because I can feel the boy’s spine at night when he sleeps next to me.  I don’t think I EVER felt Cooper’s spine, mostly because he kept his so well hidden.  Delicate flower, he was.  So the vet decided he had lost a pound since last time he was weighed (which I think was in May).  We’re going to shift him to a regular-calorie diet (both boys switched to the lean cuisine formula as soon as it was safe because Cooper was a believer in volume-eating…) for a bit to see if that helps, but think a good thought if you don’t mind.  Labradors generally don’t have a reputation for losing weight.  So we have Labs who wouldn’t get into water, one who wouldn’t retrieve and had a favorite soap opera, one who loves catnip, and now one who prefers not to eat.  SIGH…

Anyway, the vet did do some bloodwork, and of course Cody slept through all of that (that was some really good sedative, I guess…).  I’m hoping it’s just summertime, “it’s too hot to eat”-itis and not anything more serious.  I just don’t know that I could handle that.

And since the vet was there anyway, it gave us a chance to get caught up on all the latest happenings with the ranch animals.  Duke, the deer who likes accessorizing his antlers, has been missing for awhile.  The animal lady isn’t really worried-it’s hot, and the Pere Davids like to hang out in the water, anyway, especially when it’s hot, and the rest of the herd isn’t really acting like anything is wrong, but he hasn’t been seen in a few weeks.  So we’re cautiously optimistic.  Think a good thought for Duke, too, if you don’t mind.  Otherwise nothing really exciting is happening here at the ranch.  Animal-related or otherwise.

What’s new in your animals’ lives?



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