As Yet Unmangled By Scorpions

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Gentle Reader,

So sorry to have left you hanging like that!  We had houseguests, and last week was what would have been my parents’ 40th Anniversary and Daddy’s birthday.  It was, as you might guess, a rough time.

But life is for celebrating and so that’s what we did.  We had some of our dearest friends out and opened our very last bottle of 1997 Joseph Phelps Insignia, which is one of our two most favorite bottles on earth.  (The other one being the 1997 Joseph Phelps Backus Cabernet, but we drained all of that a LONG time ago.  Like, before grad school.)  And then Daddy’s brother and his wife came out and enjoyed two of his favorite dishes with us-fried avocados with some kind of aioli (lemongrass?  I honestly don’t make it, Mama does, so I have no idea.) and a pan fried sea bass with a slaw and some kind of mango sauce and an ancho chili something or another.  Both were excellent, and I think he would have approved.

Speaking of, fishermen-type people, when something is labeled “Chilean Sea Bass” (and is commensurately priced), how do I know that fish really did come from Chile?  He doesn’t exactly come with a passport, so how do I know he’s not a…North Carolina Sea Bass who was on vacation in Chile when he happened to collide with a net?  This is why I have a huge issue with “Maine Lobster”.  All those New England states are so tiny and you know their sea critters travel from one to another on a daily basis.

Anyway-where was I?  Oh yes, trying to do a post quickly so that I have time to make a peach cobbler.

So anyway, the scorpions are still relentless.  But the bug guy came out last week, and so I remain optimistic that the problem will fix itself.  Without napalm.  Or xanax.  We have not seen any more in the mailbox, so that’s a win.

And this weekend, two of my favoritest male-childs are coming to stay with me at the ranch (hence, the peach cobbler), so Monday I’ll be back with a recap of my attempt at herding two little boys into bed at a reasonable hour after feeding them chicken nuggets with a side of ice cream.  (Oh, I kid.  Sides of ice cream.  Plural.)

In the meantime, this is happening in our front yard, right now:




So.  Landscaping dollars WELL-SPENT.

Cody is having NONE of this…so I think I’m going to sign off and go make a peach cobbler to distract the boy.

Wish us luck!



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