We Came, We Drank A Barrel, We Bought More

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Gentle Reader,

We’re back, and by “back”, I mean “arrived home at 4:00 this AM after a day where Mama had to tell her 36 year-old ‘thank you for not having a temper tantrum’ SEVERAL TIMES”.  So we’re exhausted.

I’ll update you soon, but we found some sincerely awesome wines, some truly exceptional people dedicated to their craft, saw some extremely special grapes, and vines, and clones, reunited with dear, DEAR friends, and ate some delicious food.  Including a braised pork shoulder that I’ll be dreaming about for years.

In the meantime, in preparation for the [number redacted by the NSA] cases of wine that are making their way to us and the fall shipments we expect in November/December, I’m embarking on the cellar organization project.

(Brief Aside:  May I just take the moment to thank the beautiful person at UPS who FINALLY got the idea for Cold-Chain shipping???  I had gotten actually, truly, worried that we would not have enough Pinot to last through Thanksgiving since most wineries won’t ship to us here in The Great Republic from about April through November.  On behalf of a grateful nation, thank you good Sir or Madam.  And I hope you don’t think it too forward of me, but I love you and if you ever need a kidney?  Please do call.  I think we both know you need to go elsewhere if you ever need a liver.)

Anyway-where was I?  I got the Bordeaux reds about halfway unloaded today.  It’s not unlike pruning actual vineyards, organizing and inventorying a cellar that has gotten a bit overgrown.  I found a Riesling or two mixed in with some Super-Tuscans today, so it’s going to be a project…

In the meantime, I need to make dinner.  And then settle down with “True Detective”.

I’ll leave you with one of my favorite parts of visiting the Napa Valley–


The Winery Dog.  (In this case, Bristol, from Frank Family.)




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