A Boy And His Skittles

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Gentle Reader,

Mama worked from home for YEARS before she retired (last week!  Yay Mama!), so she and the animals had a routine.  She’d get up, and The Boys would follow her into the office, and get her day started, and then she’d open the shutters in her office and The Boys knew it was time for breakfast at that point (our animals have a rough existence, I know…).  She’d put a bit of kibble down for them, and then she’d scramble some eggs for herself, and they’d get the leftovers.  Also, The Boys learned that they liked Skittles quite a bit (Santa may have brought them a bag one year in their stockings…) so Mama kept The Skittle Bowl in one of her drawers in her office.  Cooper was always the food-motivated one, so I have no idea why it was that Cody was the one who was obsessed with the Skittle Drawer, as it came to be known.  He’d go and stand and bark at the drawer whenever he wanted a snack.  Of course whenever he got some Skittles, Cooper did, too, so maybe that’s why Cooper never got too wound-up about it.  And so it went, The Boys (and eventually Scout, too) kept Mama company in the office all day, and had a continual supply of snacks.  So with Mama now retired, and me still working on various projects around here regarding Daddy’s affairs, before I figure out what’s next, I’m the only one in an office regularly during the day.  Cody has been restless.  Scout, too, but Cody really has been shuffling around trying to figure out what to do.  Yesterday, Mama finished clearing out the work stuff from her office, and brought me The Skittle Bowl, and wondered if I had room for it in Daddy’s/my desk.

In it went.

It took Cody all of ten seconds to figure the new routine out, and this evening, he’s been keeping me company while I write and take care of some things.  All it took was the Skittle Drawer, and all was right again in Cody’s world.


Except this drawer is better, because it’s right at tongue height for the boy.

Now if only he could figure out how to open the drawer himself…


(And don’t worry…the Skittles in the bowl are his alone…we don’t serve our guests pre-owned Skittles.)



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