Items Requiring Your Swift Attention

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Gentle Reader,

I just posted on a friend’s FB about these issues, and then I realized that, really, everybody needed to know these important happenings in my life.  It’s a public service, honestly.  And I should go ahead and let you know that three of these things are about television, so SPOILERS AHEAD.

(Really.  SPOILERS.)

1.  Scout the Ranch Cat/Trained Killer allowed me to pet her for a measurable amount of time this afternoon, while she was fully awake and alert.  After she was done with my petting her, she pushed my hand away and held it with her paw for several minutes.  No hissing, no biting.  I’m still shocked by this overt display of tolerance.

2.  I’m two episodes behind on “The Blacklist”.  (SPOILERS!)  But let me say that I am completely ready for Tom to reach a painful, tortured, slow, ignominious end.  At the hands of Lizzie.  And Reddington.  Together.  It would be a totally tender and Instagrammable moment.

3.  I am LOVING this season of “The Americans”.  LOVING.  Nuance!  Questions of wrong and right!  Loyalty!  Love!  All interspersed amongst spy stories, and who doesn’t love those????  And I’ll come out and say I am SO HAPPY with their new handler.  She and that newbie-spy ditz give the show some hilarious-yet-tense moments.

4.  “The Mindy Project”.  LET’S DISCUSS.  The kiss!!!!  And then a TWO AND A HALF MONTH WAIT.  And then they couldn’t even give me one whole episode of Mindy + Danny???????  Wordie Angry.  Also, less Peter, more British Doctor, please.

And with that-



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