The Lighter Side of Memory Care

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Gentle Reader,

I had to get that sadness off the top of my page…I do hope you’ll understand.  🙂

While things aren’t entirely bright and cheery around here right now, I did want to share two things (eh-two and a half things) that bring me an absurd amount of delight each time I go see Daddy.  (I mean, other than the actual “seeing my Daddy” part…which I always love, and is always miraculous, but sometimes not at all delightful.)

First-the fresh lemonade.  Apparently Memory Care residents (I’m gonna go with that gentle phrase…it works for me.) forget to drink sometimes.  (Which-TOTALLY MAKES SENSE, RIGHT?)  So this place takes special care to remind folks to drink plenty, and y’all, they have options!  Tea, cranberry juice (no vodka without doctor’s orders, I checked…), and this lemonade.  It’s fresh made, with actual lemons, not too sweet, but not too lemon-y, just the right amount of tart.  It’s everything that the lemonade at a certain chicken sandwich place should be, only more expensive and without the quasi-“religious” angle.  I help myself to a glass each time I go.

And then-the television selections.  Of course I noticed the television…  Most residents have small-ish televisions in their rooms, and then there is a big screen out in the day room.  It is usually tuned to golf (because????) or “Bonanza” and the volume vacillates between super loud and super quiet.  Never in between.  But the last few times I’ve gone, the ladies have been gathered around the television, watching it.  Like, INTENTLY.  Like I watch Reddington.  And truthfully, I didn’t pay attention at first because I assumed it was golf and-YAWN.  But a few days ago, I noticed that the show was actually an exercise video.  Straight from 1986.  Starring a lady who isn’t just decades younger than the Memory Care residents.  Who does aerobics in a chair.  The video is priceless, the lady’s leotard and eye shadow are priceless, the sweet ladies WATCHING the CHAIR EXERCISE VIDEO are priceless, and this has quickly become the highlight of my trips.  I love it.  I may or may not do a happy squirm and clap when I see it.  It’s darlin’.

Finally, they have Bluebell Ice Cream Snacks in the freezer.  Just-there.  In the freezer.  A few different varieties.  For the residents to enjoy.  Now, I can’t give this factor full credit (thus the “two and a half”) because I haven’t tried it out myself.  While I will drink somebody’s grandmother’s lemonade, I do have enough ethics not to eat somebody’s grandmother’s ice cream snacks.  (And yes, I know, it’s not like I’m taking the lemonade out of Grandma Edith’s hands, or her ice cream for that matter, because-they make more.  But still.  There’s a distinction there, even if I can’t quite enunciate it.)  But there is something very, VERY right about a freezer perpetually stocked (and restocked) with ice cream snacks…

These things make me know Daddy’s in a really nice place, which is good.  And I think it’s helpful to look for the bright spots…and we’ll start with Exercise Lady’s frosted blue eyeshadow.  🙂



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