Three Pieces of Pizza and Some Cinnamon Bread

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Gentle Reader,

I realize that I haven’t been the best at updating this week.  I wish it were for a good reason but the reality is that the days kind of blend right now.  🙂  We’re in a holding pattern, and given our medical history, we’re both QUITE used to holding patterns and know that this is not always a bad thing.

Daddy isn’t making any progress at the facility he is at right now.  (Please pretend that sentence was grammatically correct.  I haven’t the energy.)  He isn’t using his O2, he isn’t eating.  (Like, two tablespoons a day would be an aspirational goal right now.)  He isn’t doing his therapy.  And to give him credit, this place is depressing.  The lighting is terrible, and they took one look at his medical history and put him on a low-sodium diet.  Which would make sense except for the fact that at this point, getting him to eat something (ANYTHING) is far, FAR more important than making sure he makes optimal nutritional choices right now.  (Those of you who know us will laugh at the thought of him ever making an optimal nutritional choice, but he is capable of making “better” choices when he is stronger, healthier, and less hypoxic…)  Also, this place is a skilled nursing facility, and those of you in the medical profession know what that is code for.  They are geared toward a level of patient for whom swallowing and chewing aren’t easy.  So we have both low-sodium (which in an institutional setting also means extremely low-taste) and soft, chopped, and pureed food.

I wouldn’t eat, either.  And I have the strength to make optimal nutritional choices.

So we’re at sixes and sevens trying to figure out a plan.  We have found a better (MUCH BETTER) place for him, bright, cheery, clean, well-lit, excellent food, people to talk to (people who CAN talk), etc.  There is a dog that is in residence there, and Cody can come visit ANY.  TIME.  (This was the immediate selling point for daddy.)  But it is going to take a few days to get him there, so we’re hoping to kind of keep him going until we can get him transferred.

Tonight, we took him out to our favorite pizza place here in town.  His favorite pizza place.  I anticipated we’d get a half a slice (they aren’t the big fold-y slices like some places…this is more like a Chicago-style, only not as deep dish…) in him, but at least he’d drink a real, fully loaded Coke, and hey–calories.

But!  Three slices of pizza, two Cokes, and three cinnamon breadsticks later, he decided he was finished.  Three!  Slices!

I’m betting it was just getting out of that place, fresh air, people to smile at and talk to.  So we’re going to take him out for at least one meal a day until we can get him to the new place.  I’m hoping this encourages him to eat like he did tonight, because begging my daddy to eat and watching him withdraw makes me feel so helpless.  And I don’t do helpless well.

Anyway-that’s the update here.  Cody is getting used to the new normal.  He still misses Cooper and looks for him, but he is getting RIGHT into not having to share his evening snack…  Mama is sleeping better and next we’re going to work on eating enough.

Tomorrow, my cousin E is getting married to her beau, S.  I wish I could be there, but instead, I’m helping her celebrate by going shopping.  I’m optimistic that between these two things, you’ll have something more entertaining to read about than the pureed food diet.  (Because seriously, lamest topic, EVER.)



One thought on “Three Pieces of Pizza and Some Cinnamon Bread

  1. Wordie-
    3 slices?!?!?! That translates to me as “I will show YOU just how happy/ unhappy I am about overpriced ‘skilled-nursing.”
    You are on an true adventure to see what THIS “LIVING THING” is really all about. What truths will you come to know by following your heart and intuition. – Even though we must not “rely on our own understanding” – we have HOPE in the path “made straight” as we acknowledge the giver of life in all we do.
    How beautiful – how beloved – are YOUR feet – bringing the love of heaven for which we all have hope!!!

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