Through the Clouds, Lower Intestines Appeared

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Gentle Reader,

Thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, for your love and thoughts and prayers and concerns and “How Are You?”s.  I want to reply to all of you individually, and that will obviously take a bit of time.  So in the interim, a general update…

Yesterday I went in to Dallas for a date with my sweet friend Candace and her two boys, A and A, who are two of my favoritest male-childs.  A, The Elder, was previously totally missing his two front teeth, but while I was gone the Big Kid teeth started growing back in.  Whatever, he still must never know the power that his toothless grin holds over me, as it could result in disaster.  Or a brand new car.  I’m putty like that.  A, The Younger, CRACKS ME UP with his use of words.  He enjoys the English language nearly as much as I do, and thus we are tight.

We went to the Perot museum, a favorite of theirs.  I had never been, and let me just say…it is excellent.  It’s just truly heartwarming to see a tiny little museum succeed so magnificently given all of the challenges and odds overcome.  What with the blank check for funding, the engineers clamoring to help design the space, and a massive corporation providing scientific and engineering volunteer staff to help the kids learn and such…despite all of those obstacles, the museum is truly wonderful space.  Every inch is well-thought, every iota designed for the singular purpose of educating the target audience (kiddos) in a way they both understand and enjoy.  Watching the kids swarming around, interacting, it was fascinating.  And exactly what I needed.

The Younger took particular interest in showing me an exhibit about the intestines of herbivores versus carnivores.  Proving that no matter what is going on in the rest of your life, poop is ALWAYS entertaining.

After all the learnin’, we went to El Fenix where over approximately 73 gallons of salsa and a margarita or three, we talked and talked.  Good times were had by all.  Except The Elder, whose iPod tragically ran out of batteries.

Anyway, Daddy is getting stronger, less confused.  He was able to see Cody and Scout The Ranch Cat/Trained Killer today, which was good for all three of them.  I’m still not sure what the long-term plan is.  Mama is getting a bit more rest at night now, and that’s a good thing.  Once we give up being concerned about the escaped felon hiding in the woods behind The Ranch, and can turn off the outdoor lights and a few more lamps in the house, I’m sure she’ll rest even better.  (I’m not entirely sure why escaped felon=leave on all the lights, because it’s not like we could do much to combat an armed and dangerous escapee even if we saw him coming.  And frankly he’d take one look at Cody and know we are total amateurs when it comes to home security, but whatever.)

Today my plans include laundry, so clearly the exciting life has resumed here at The Ranch.  I’m getting used to missing The Sir.  Several of you have asked about another beastie, and the answer is obviously yes, just not right now.  For a lot of reasons.  Our old vet once told us, when we showed up with The Boys (we had previously been Cocker Spaniel people, and girl-dog people, so it was a bit of a shock when he first saw us with C & C) that we would never work harder with a dog than with a Lab, but that we would also never have more fun.  He was totally right.  And particularly a dog with as stubborn a personality as The Sir, but also as big a personality, if he could only be with us for a short while, I’m so glad he picked me.  And I want another one of those.  (Or another pair of those-we’ve established that Labradors come in pairs, at least to our house.)  But Lab puppies are adorable and roly-poly and fat and little and have puppy breath and can’t climb stairs–for approximately ten minutes, at which point they turn into adolescent Labradors.  And an adolescent Labrador is big, gangly, uncoordinated, and headstrong.  A daily choice to love him in spite of himself.  A full-time job.  We can’t handle that right now-we already have one of those in the house with Daddy.  So as soon as the time is right, I will.

Back tomorrow, go out and enjoy the pretty weather, people!



2 thoughts on “Through the Clouds, Lower Intestines Appeared

  1. Oh Sweetie I sooo feel what you are going through – I am so sorry! On Feb. 3 I had to let my sweet girl Molly go. She had lymphoma and was starting to have a really hard time so I had to make the hardest decision I have ever made and she is now healthy, pain free and waiting for me at the rainbow bridge. I cry every time I think about her so – you’ve got it! I was fortunate enough to have gotten Hailey a year ago so Gabby is not alone. G is still missing her sister and needs extra attention. Please continue keeping us posted on Daddy, Momma and C. Love reading your posts!

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