Wordie Goes to Red Square, Takes Pictures of the Tops of Interesting Buildings

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Gentle Reader,

Daddy update-we’ve had a bit of progress.  He is a bit more alert, his color is apparently better, things are still in a wait-and-see mode.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts and everything you are doing.  In ways you cannot know, we are forever grateful.

So last week before the big fun began, I went to Red Square one afternoon.  Outside the “main” entrance to Red Square there have always been random folk dressed up like Lenin, a vaguely Tsar-like person, a vaguely Russian literary-like figure, etc., earning what I hope are supplemental rubles by posing for random pictures with tourists.  Nothing officially sanctioned, obviously.  This time, I was confronted with a bevy of Sochi cartoon characters.  And while I did not photograph them, I assure you that while the official Sochi cartoon character mascots are creepy?  The unofficial, knockoff Sochi cartoon character mascots are nightmare-inducing.  I’m already in therapy.  (Is anybody else wholly weirded-out by the concept of a cartoon mascot for the Olympics?  Official or unofficial.  It just doesn’t smack of authenticity to me.)

Anyway-the pics:


The top of the Historical Museum.  At one end of the Square.


The Kremlin wall and what I’m pretty sure is Nicholas’ Tower (Look-geography and map reading have never been my jam.)-looking into Red Square.


The facade of the Historical Museum.


The GUM.  She is 120.  (That’s an ice-skating rink in front.)  (No.  I didn’t.  Because NOBODY needs to see that.)


Kazan Cathedral–my favorite cathedral on Red Square.  (It is apparently closed for renovations?  I haven’t tried to go in yet.)



And the more famous Cathedral on the other end of the Square.  (I didn’t go in there, either.  I’ll go later-when it isn’t so cold out-and take lots more pics.)


One of the Seven Sisters as seen (really really zoomed) behind St. Basil’s.

Okay, people.  The internet here is being really crabby, so I’m going to end today’s episode.  Stay tuned tomorrow for the exciting conclusion of last week’s trip to Red Square.  (Wow.  Lamest English-language sentence ever composed.  Ever.)



2 thoughts on “Wordie Goes to Red Square, Takes Pictures of the Tops of Interesting Buildings

  1. I am curious to know if there is an “official” explanation for why there is so much color used in the architecture. I love it and imagine it’s only more incredible in person…

    • I have no idea! But I’ll see if I can find out. I do “think” (meaning it’s really anybody’s guess but that’s what I’m sticking with…) that the domes get repainted every so often and then change colors/designs maybe? It’s stunning. In the summertime, it’s amazing, and at night it’s breathtaking. Don’t worry-we’ll revisit!!!

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