By The Dawn’s Early Light

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Gentle Reader,

Welcome to the new domain!  I’m pretty excited because I navigated this technical drama ALL BY MYSELF.

So anyway, last week, there was a Very Important Event here in Moscow (way more important than the thing that’s happening this week in Sochi…) and since apparently we’re all sworn to secrecy about it and even though I’m not going to really talk about the substance of the event (because DO I EVER????) rather than giving the organizers some undue heartburn, I’ll do my traditional rhyming here on the blog.  It was the Fessup Loot Mort competition.

Anyway, I was one of the judges, and I was truly moved by the work these kids put into the competition.  I mean, I remember my first day of grad school.  IN MY OWN LANGUAGE.  I was terrified.  I remember my first competition.  IN MY OWN LANGUAGE.  I was terrified.  These kids?  Waaaaaay younger than I was, and they wrote a memo and presented for 40 minutes per side IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE.  About a really complex topic.  (Rather, really complex topics.  Plural.)

I was honored to be thought intelligent enough to provide guidance or input.

So it was held at Moscow State University, seen here.  In the pre-dawn hour of 8:30 AM.



Only we were in one of the new buildings.  It was HUGE.  And much, much fancier than the equivalent schools in the States.  Observe:

IMG_0003 IMG_0004


Not having sufficient haberdashery, I had to hold it.

Anyway, these kids were phenomenal.  And I’m pretty sure that they were infants.  Because I’m not getting old-AT ALL.

And I’m going to stop there for today, because WordPress has just started letting me upload pics at a decent speed and I don’t want to anger it…  Red Square next!!!



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