Where I Change My Mind About The ACA

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Gentle Reader,

A very brief update because 1-I haven’t done anything interesting and 2-I’m busy today.

I went out yesterday, braving the cold for twenty whole feet to the cafe at the bottom of my building. Where I found a salad without mayonnaise or pickled fish. My vitamin deficiencies are starting to dissipate now. (But I still love the potatoes and the meat and the bread, so please don’t ever change, Russian Cuisine.)

And then today, before venturing out for Georgian food for lunch (because it remains awesome), another person here at the office needed to go to the Abteka (pharmacy) for a knee brace-thing. I went along because there was food happening after the knee-thing happened. I WAS PURELY A SPECTATOR.

And there are worse things in medicine, people, than the Affordable Care Act. I have survived being an observer at the Abteka, and I live to tell the tale. I have had surgeries less invasive than merely being a silent entourage member at the Abteka. Things were put on my feet, I was shuffled around to many different places to sit, I was treated to displays of the latest in Russian bladder-control products, things were shouted at me, I understood none of it. I need a drink.

And now, after our lolz, to give this post a tiny bit of gravitas (as much gravitas as a post about Russian bladder-control product displays can have)-how terrifying must it be to need medical care in a foreign place? To feel as though one cannot access medical care when one needs it due to the fact that they are not “supposed” to be in a place?

I do not pretend to have the solution, I do not pretend to know the ins and outs of a complex problem. I do know that the problem is not nearly as simple as the American right would have us believe, nor is the solution. I do know that if we are to continue to ask the world for her poor and downtrodden? Our rhetoric absolutely must change.

Back to the funny tomorrow.


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