In Which I Achieve Gastronomic Bliss, All Before 3:00 PM

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Gentle Reader,

A short update, because I forgot the camera.  No food pics today.  Don’t worry.  I’ll get better at remembering the camera.

Went to get Georgian food for lunch today (I HAD BEEN IN TOWN FOR SIX DAYS AND HADN’T HAD ANY YET.  IT WAS AN EMERGENCY.) and now I’m in need of a nap.  Observations:

1.  The Russians now know I am completely insane, because I ordered two bottles of water WITH ICE.  (“WITH ICE WITH ICE WITH ICE WITH ICE” because sometimes they don’t understand that and you have to convince them you are serious.)  The interior super-heating here coupled with ALL OF THE CLOTHES, means I’m like half-dehydrated all the time and I hate leg cramps.  Total of the two bottles of water (the Bonaqua, not the nice stuff)?  More than the rest of the lunch.  Worth it.  The ice?  Happy as a clam, am I.  But I don’t normally make a fuss about ice-I use my Ugly American points on other things.  (Except we haven’t hit August and a lack of iced tea yet.  I reserve the right to revisit this decision.)

2.  Harcho?  Sigh……this is what the Greeks were REALLY talking about when they talked about ambrosia.

3.  My mushroom soup?  A close second.

4.  Chicken with walnut sauce?  MMMMMMMMMM…

5.  Cold eggplant in the hands of a Georgian may be the best vegetable, ever.

(5b.  No, not my kind of Georgian.  I asked for some mustards and got SOMETHING VERY DIFFERENT, INDEED.)  (I kid.)

And since I have no pictures of here, I’ll leave you with a pic of the Most Sincere Face:



I miss My Boy.



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