This Time, With Photos!

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Gentle Reader,

I think I may be starting to get used to the time differences, and perhaps the fact that it’s still dark at 9:00 in the morning!  Today I woke up early enough that I had time to get fancy in a dress and tights and jewelry before going into the office.  (Full disclosure:  It was just my monogram set that has been out on the table since I got here.  BUT, as we all know, monograms make everything better.)  AND, I had time to take some pics of the apartment before I walked to school.

The apartment is in the process of renovation, and I may or may not have totally unpacked yet, let alone made the bed, oh, EVER.  So there were obviously some parts that I will skip in this photo tour.  Such as the interior.  But hope can spring eternal, and maybe later this week you can see the super-sweet bathroom.  (Which right now looks like a super-sweet bathroom with a giant pile of eyeliner, mascara, and various moisturizer products in the middle of it.)

Brief aside:  I NEVER understood why all the fuss about waterproof mascara.  Who ARE all these people doing all this swimming and wanting to have full eyelashes while doing so?????  Why do we want to have to pull at our eyelashes every night in an attempt to remove the awful stuff?  Regular mascara and go, ladies…  

But, Not.  Any.  More.  This cold weather?  I leave the apartment fresh and cute and with GOOD hair (I have never experienced a bad hair day in Moscow, mainly because they haven’t discovered humidity yet here.) and walk FIVE MINUTES to the school.  And I arrive looking like the end of a Nicholas Sparks novel.  I do not understand this phenomenon, but the TEARS.  Oh.  The tears.  I *heart* my BeneFit “Yes, They’re Real”, but I desperately need them to make a waterproof version right now, thankyouverymuch.  I imagine the poor folks in New England right now are with me on this.

Second brief aside:  This?  I’m.  In.  Love.  It’s awesome.  Go get some, you need it.  I think it’s really funny that the little buckthorn plant in Siberia (whatever it’s called, people…) gives its all, gets shipped to the states, ordered by me, and hauled back to the Motherland.  For cheaper than it would be to buy the stuff here.  

(Another funny for the day…Sephora’s site is loading too slowly for my tastes to be able to link here.  So I impatiently googled, “Fresh Siberian Oil” to just link directly to the Fresh site…TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT MEANINGS FOR SIBERIAN OIL!!!!!!)

Back to the apartment tour:

Looking up, from the outside:



Looking out, from the balcony:




(At what I thought was one of the Wedding Cakes in the distance but now I see is just a really pointy top of some other building.)

The courtyard in the middle of the block of apartments:



J, J, and A?  This one’s for you:



(Yes, I know.  One of the Wellies has not been unpacked yet.  Lay off me-it’s not like it’s been warm enough to need them.  😉 )

And finally, when installed, I do believe the apartment will have what appears to be a 5 person washer:



Obviously, 5 tinier people than me.  Confession-I have NO idea what the buttons on any washing machine over here mean.  My laundry system here involves mashing buttons until the machine turns on.  Proper fabric settings remain largely aspirational.  And the machine above seems to dispense entirely with words and labels on the buttons, so I have the feeling that my wool sweater dress is about to become a wool midriff top.

And with that, I’m going to log off.



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