Literary Lundi: Screen-Free Edition

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Gentle Reader,

Went out to The Ranch for the long holiday.  We’ve talked about my really messed-up sleeping habits before, right?  If not, read the prior sentence, and you’re now up to speed.  I decided if I had a five day break from screens of any kind, this might help.  So the screen-free weekend consisted of checking my cell phone (because it’s VITAL people), writing a blog post (which doesn’t count because no pictures, obviously), watching The Rangers lose (which was a family activity and therefore exempt), working a shift at my job where I stare constantly at a screen (but that’s WORK so it is also necessary) but I did not use my Kindle.  So we’re good.  I brought some of my insane backlog of paper books that I want to work through as I am using my beloved Kindle so as not to make duplicate purchases.  You can imagine my surprise when I returned and wasn’t a regular 10 PM to 6 AM gal all of a sudden.

So what am I reading:

The Funny-“Such a Pretty Fat” by Jen Lancaster.  I love her.

The Nonfiction-“The Death of Innocents” by Sister Helen Prejean

The Agatha- (You thought I’d abandoned that project, right?) “Murder on the Links”

How to be a better Person who Does What I Do-The papers presented at the 26th Annual Rusty Duncan

The Food-“Why We get Fat” by Gary Taubes

Of the list, for the general (read noninsane) public, I’d stick with the first three.

Back tomorrow to discuss The Television!



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