When your Daddy Tells You That Your Blog Is “Stale”…

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Gentle Reader,

Still here!  Daddy mentioned to me the other day in a very purposefully offhanded manner that he had my blog in his bookmarks…”of course it’s a little stale”…

Three weeks ago, my daddy just got connected to email on his iPad, so you understand the level of shame I felt.  (I had previously considered reporting said iPad to the iPad Protective Services, so neglected it was…but then I remembered it was his surprise Christmas present last year and I think that taking away your retired daddy’s Christmas present is in poor form.)

So we’re back.  What have I been doing?

-Not being able to post photos, which means that the quality of the posts you might have missed (and I use that term loosely here) wouldn’t have been great unless big blocks of text are interesting to you.

-Got a new iPhone, so the new pics (when I can figure out how to get them to the computer) will be even finer low-quality than before.

-The Ranch is the Ranch.

-The Boys are The Boys.

-Scout the Ranch Cat/Trained Killer got her anti-flea/tick/other feline baddies medicine today.  Which means that her hair is spiky on the back of her neck.  It’s part of how we show each other the love, my calling her “Spike” for the day and her hissing and scratching me.  I love “Spike” Day.

-She has figured out that I give treats and will now eat them in front of me.  She still hisses at me when I’m feeding them to her, but the facade is a hard one to maintain what with the purring and tail twitching and the paws grabbing my hand for more.

-I’m spending a lot of time in the kitchen this weekend.  Tomorrow is ribs using the new Cook’s Illustrated “boiling brine” method before finishing them off on the Egg.

-Juicing.  It’s…a process…not giving up, am eating a LOT LOT LOT of vegetables.

-And pork.  I think this is the part of the equation that needs balancing.

Back pronto to discuss Sweet, Sweet Television.  (Master Chef?  Where have you been all my life?)

Happy Fourth of July, beloveds, I am more thankful for you than you can know.


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