I Can FINALLY Write About the Weekend

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Gentle Reader,

I’m not even kidding when I say that I have been GLUED to Facebook all afternoon waiting for one post.  Just a tiny little post about a tiny little person who has had a BIG journey thus far in her life.  Finally got it, and now I can both breathe and blog.  (I didn’t want to blog until I knew this tiny little person and her BIG journey had turned out okay thus far.)

So this weekend, I was down in Corpus Christi with the Gigantor Family celebrating the wedding of my cousin Jonathan to his beloved, Lorena.  Lorena?  Welcome!  You come from a big family, so I pray your adjustment to us is not too traumatic!

(Par example:



A drink in every hand and every mouth open.)  (THANKS UNCLE DAVID!!!!!!!  DEE-LICIOUS!!!!)

(And this isn’t all of us.)

(By a long shot.)

And in the ceremony, we began by singing, “Holy, Holy, Holy”, at right about the same time a friend of mine was getting on an airplane to go across a giant ocean to (get?  be united with?  be joined by?  sometimes English is WOEFULLY inadequate, even given my ability to use a lot of words…) her daughter.  Holy God, joining two families, Holy God never forgetting His People, Holy God joining a daughter to her family.

(And it occurred to me at the time and I cried, because I cry at EVERYTHING right now, owing to the stress, but then…well, you’ll see.)

And after the ceremony, we partied, as evidenced above.  And below.



Who’s the pretty princess?



Smile for the bloggy!

And then, the seven children that started this nonsense decided to take a picture.  In order.



Those two on the left?  The one on the far left is a not-terrible physician who has received not insignificant professional honors and accolades.  The one next to him?  Retired business executive.  With an MBA and some other number-related degrees, and he’s also received professional honors and accolades.  NOT bringing up the rear of the pack, either of them.

So after we took the picture and we were heading back inside, said physician and said retiree then figured out that the retiree was in fact, older than the physician.

I know I feel fabulous about the state of medical and business education in this country.  😉

So we did it again.  This time, hopefully, in correct chronological order.



(The tiny lady in the middle?  The matriarch.  God bless her soul.  How does one (albeit combined) gene pool have this much…US????)


Anyway, after the party, I went back to the hotel room and decided to check and see how things were going over with my friend.  And, well, this.

Coincidence?  I THINK NOT.

(Plus, making me cry twice in one day?  Dirty pool, Missy, dirty pool.)

Anyway, as I was going to bed, I kept humming, and thinking.  (Look, sometimes, my mouth closes.  I make NO such promises about my brain and its love of the words.)  And my mind kept coming back to the “Merciful and Mighty” bit.  Maybe because of what I do.  It occurs to me that the fact that “Merciful” is mentioned before “Mighty”?  That’s probably that way on purpose.  If He is Merciful, and then Mighty, maybe we should focus on that order, too?

It’s not in our nature.  Particularly not in MY nature.  I chose my career well.  But maybe we can all try and do the “Merciful” bit before we flex our “Mighty” bit?  It’s a work in progress, obviously.

Anyway, that was the weekend, and y’all should TOTES jump over to Missy’s blog because her coverage of her news and adventure is way more entertaining than anything I have to add.  (But seriously, those pics?  I.  AM.  DYING.  THE.  RINGLETS.  Be still, my estrogens…)

(AND I JUST NOTICED THAT THE CAGE IS EMPTY AND I’M CRYING AND NO FAIR, MISSY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  The Boys are quite concerned as to why their person is crying.)  (I have been waiting for that cage to be empty for so long and now it is!!!!!!)

Much love to you all, my family, and much love to the Naptime family!


PS-Can we all please say a prayer, light a candle, think a good thought, send a Labrador, etc., to the Naptime family?  While I am in no way qualified to speak on international adoption, I gather that there will be an adjustment phase.  I pray this sweet girl’s soul is put easy as quickly as humanly possible, and that she realizes the love even amongst all the weird.  Let’s love on them, okay????  Thanks!

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