Happy Birthday, Lambie!!!!!!

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Gentle Reader,

GIANT birthday shout-out to my baby cousin, Laura.  (It has to be a GIANT, LOUD shout-out because apparently, Nemo has arrived, and he is ticked off.)

You’re my favorite Princess, lamb.

And I know I usually try to cull only the BEST Miss America Talents for you, I knew you would love this just as much as your southern cousin did.  Because nothing says “women’s equality” quite like “Duet Baton Twirling World Championships”.  Which frankly, I was a little surprised were not held in Oxford, Mississippi, but in that other powerhouse of twirling, Ghent, Belgium.

Next Friday, dear, we’ll attempt our own version of this, and video it.  So we’re going to need vodka.  Lots.

Thanks, Jonathan and Lorena, for getting married and giving us yet another chance to gather together as a GINORMOUS family!  We’ll try to keep the twirling related injuries to a minimum.  (And even though this is Laura’s post, Lorena, we’re glad you’re here!)



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