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Gentle Reader,

So the title should give you some indicia of just how riveting it has been around here.  We’ve got the late January doldrums happening, my “read more, watch less” determination, and then I’ve decided to do a “No Spend February”, which all converge into not a lot in the Blog Interest Scale.

But I do think I’m going to do a “No Spend February”.  Cash flow is unpredictable right now, and I have a lovely apartment full of books, a television, food, and great equipment with which to prepare said food.  Tonight’s dinner?  Papa John’s cheese breadsticks.  Waste.  OH!  And I am blessed with friends to share all of this with.  (Seriously, I only ate half the cheese sticks.  Come on over.)  I’m beginning to wake up to the fact that despite unpredictable cash flow, simply by having a safe roof over my head and reliable transportation, I am so far ahead of at least half of this world’s population.

And when I say “unpredictable cash flow”, that’s not entirely accurate.  It’s very predictable.  Not.  Much.  So I think that the no spending will be healthy both for my wallet and for my soul.

I think I am going to allow myself $50.00 for the month for milk and eggs and the prescription drugs and the fresh fruit type things.  (Listen, I have enough bacon in my freezer to cook up every single vegetable I have right now, but even I know that would be a seriously BAD CHOICE.)  And obviously I will pay my  “have to” obligations/transportation costs (because losing the little blip of income right now would be a Very Bad Thing, indeed).  And I am making two exceptions.  1-A preplanned trip to see family and 2-A preplanned shower I am hosting later in the month.  But I’m going to do those on the cheap, too.  (Listen, I’m half Southern, I have the VAST majority of the things I need for a shower already.)  (Three Deviled Egg plates.)

Anyway, since the Food Stamp Challenge didn’t happen back in October (I never saw anything come out about it–no budget or blogger link-up or anything) I think this is HIGHLY in order and overdue.  I realize this isn’t going to save the world or anything and my doing this doesn’t mean that I am in any way less the typical American, but I hope it will help me count my blessings, appreciate that which I have, not that which I covet, and celebrate things in my heart and in my soul.  (Celebration #1 will hopefully be coming home soon!)  (Seriously, backflips, people.  I started praying for this little girl, this family, back in graduate school.  And I am now almost 3 years out of grad school.)  (Go read her-she’s HILARIOUS, and I’m pretty sure she has some sort of intel file on me because I just think the world of her even though we’ve never actually met in real life.  Feel free to drop her a line and let her know that while I am truly nutters, it’s only in the very best way.)

But please don’t think that I am under any impression that just by making this barely-registering-as-a-sacrifice, I am in any way a better person or a more pious person or anything.  I’m not even going to get in anybody’s face to do it with me.  I’m doing this because I need to work on me.

Plus, 28 whole blog posts ALREADY PLANNED for me!  Woo hoo!  I know, you’re thrilled.



PS-It’s more interesting with a picture, right?Image

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