Confessions of A B-String Labrador Person

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Gentle Reader,

While I was at work today, I got this:



In a text message.

Apparently, my dog, bred to leap joyfully into freezing-cold water after a falling duck, to retrieve ANYTHING, ad infinitum, to assist those with sensory differences (they LITERALLY SEE FOR SOME PEOPLE), was so soundly asleep this morning (on the sofa, naturally) and snoring so loudly that Mama had to shake him awake in order to be able to hear her conference call.

Disturbing others, FOUR STATES AWAY.  That’s my boy.  Trained him, loved him, fed him (a lot), snuggled him.  It’s nice to know my efforts weren’t for naught.



PS-The Mighty Hunter also managed to be outsmarted this morning by a baby bluebird that flew into the window.  Proud day, my friends.  Proud day.

One thought on “Confessions of A B-String Labrador Person

  1. there are some days when you just look at them and wonder … of course, they are also looking at you and wondering…you gotta love ’em

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