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Gentle Reader,

A little bit more serious today.  This article prompted some discussion between a colleague and myself.

Without getting into the guilt/innocence debate (because it’s moot at this point), this boy deserved better from us.  Not just the people who Do What I Do, but “us” as a people.

My colleague pointed out that this child was executed ten short days after the beginning of the most celebrated liberation campaign in all of modern history.  An operation to bring liberty to a continent long-deprived of it.  If you haven’t read it, Roosevelt’s D-Day Prayer stills me.

Meanwhile back here.

That got me thinking about my Papa Jack and my trip over to Normandy to see the beach where he landed along with thousands of other very scared, very brave boys.  Some not much older than the boy in the article.  To help liberate “a suffering humanity”.

I went back there a few summers ago, and on that very beach, I found this:



And this:



And then, to get an idea of his point of view on that day, this:



Children, parents, people, enjoying the beach.  Which really was the whole point of the exercise, now, wasn’t it?

Children not much younger than the boy in the article.



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