When Did Life Get So Exciting?

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Gentle Reader,

Hold back–it’s about to get wild up in here.

Last night, I fell asleep while watching a Ken Burns documentary.  In my sweatpants.  On the couch.  At 8:30.

So by my best recollection, the Civil War was started in 1861 by the fact that I had one English class that I had forgotten I had registered for in the last year of grad school and never attended and thus failed and thus I had to go back and retake The Big Exam That People Who Do What I Do Have To Pass.

I assure you, starting a teensy skirmish at Harper’s Ferry is a perfectly reasonable response to that realization.

(Seriously, I cannot be the only thirtysomething that still has the “forgot about that class” nightmare, right?)  (Three years after grad school.)

And today, it’s sunny outside and warmish, and so I’m going to go outside and take care of some mineral buildup on the walls in the back yard.  And then I’m going to come inside and take care of a few hard water stains and make a pot of potato soup.

And to totally blow your mind, I’m gonna do laundry.  And try and remain awake thru that Ken Burns documentary.

But at least my life is more fast paced than Scout The Ranch Cat/Trained Killer’s.





PS-No, I don’t think I’m going to ask her to help with the laundry, because she doesn’t fold the towels right.

2 thoughts on “When Did Life Get So Exciting?

  1. I totally have that late for the final for the class I never attended because I forgot I registered for it dream. Sometimes I am also naked, and trying to find something to wear so I can take the exam.

  2. I’m so glad I’m not the only one who still has that dream. I never had the “sans clothing” part of the dream, though. Yoga pants are one of my love languages, even in my dreams. 😉 But I have had nightmares, literally, every night since the night before graduation. Wake up, cold sweat, screaming nightmares. Fun fact, there is a really old (read: on the $4 list) blood pressure medicine that also works somehow on nightmares. It’s lovely-a win/win.

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