Things That Are THE WORST, #492, Things That Are THE BEST, #7

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Gentle Reader,

I’ve got the allergies.  (It is NOT the flu, it is NOT a cold, I am PERFECTLY HEALTHY, despite the fact that The Great Republic is apparently reaching stratospheric levels of influenza infection…)  I’ve done what I had to do for my clients, and I went by Central Market and they’re having their “Sourpalooza” or “Citruspalooza” or “I Can’t Be Bothered to Pay Attention To Advertising Palooza” right now and the upshot is that they had all manner of freshly squeezed citrus juices, and the 17 year old at the checkout said that the new lime juice beverage (had hints of vanilla and was REALLY QUITE LOVELY) and the fresh squeezed orange juice were guaranteed to take care of whatever has taken up residence in my sinuses.  I also picked up buttermilk (detox over, resuming dairy!) and needed some spreadable butter.  And that’s where I discovered it.



Look, when you put butter on such few things as I, it’s worth it to get the good stuff.

(I’ll let you gather yourself.)

But seriously, I LOVE Kerrygold.  Loved it before I spent a summer in its homeland, Ireland, loved it there (THEY MAKE OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS!!!!!  LOVED THEM, TOO!!!!!!!), still love it now.  And now, they make a spreadable kind!  God’s Mercies are Manifold.

Things That Are THE BEST, indeed.

Now, I’m about to go and, as my third grade teacher so gently put it, “empty my head out” (apparently, grammar wasn’t taught until the fourth grade) and this leads me to Things That Are THE WORST.  I don’t buy the Puffs Plus with Lotion, because-ICK.  (See:  Things That Are THE WORST #491)  I buy the Puffs Plus, and then Mentholatum in serious quantities (I LOVE the Mentholatum…see also:  BooMama).  After using the Puffs, I get down with the Mentholatum and then am a happy soul.

But right now, I’ve used so many Puffs that my nose is Rudolph-esque and I, because God’s Humor is Equally Manifold, have a zit right under my nose.  Every single “Puff”, my nose and my zit get more and more like Rudolph.  And right now, IT HURTS.  Things That Are THE WORST, #492.

I’m going to go see what kind of OTC meds will cure this problem, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.



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