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Gentle Reader,

It’s a snow day here (well, I’m declaring it, because I’m not going out in it…)-I’ve downloaded a few books to read on The Precious, the Kindle, and despite my DVD player being broken, “The Vicar of Dibley” is once more on Netflix.  WHEW.  I have some work-ish projects to do, but I didn’t feel all that great last night and didn’t sleep much so productivity levels may be low here.

There is a burning question in my mind, though.  My DVD player is broken.  I’m not sure why a genuine Sorny DVD player (name that television show!) acquired five years ago for $25 and having been moved three times in the intervening years can’t be more reliable, but there you go.  My media library is largely “in the cloud”, but I have some DVDs-“The Sopranos”, the aforementioned Vicar, and most of the Muppets and Harry Potter.  The way I see it, I have some options as far as technology goes:

1.  Buy another DVD player. (Note-this idea is about as exciting to me as amateur dental work, since it involves my disconnecting the old DVD player, fishing out all manner of cords and whatnot, and then connecting the new DVD player poking new cords at odd angles into existing spaces.)  Upshot?  Cheap, and my DVDs could once again be loved.  (It’s been a year since I’ve seen Season 2 of “The Sopranos” and I’m getting itchy.)

2.  Buy a Blu-Ray or whatever “new” device has replaced the DVD.  (See above uninstall/reinstall reluctance analysis.)  Upshot?  My new television is HD, so the Blu-Ray would be fully enjoyed on the HD television (so I’m told).  Downside-my DVDs are not HD.  (I just don’t know that I want to see James Gandolfini’s nose hair in that level of detail.)  So the technology might be wasted on the existing media, but if I acquired any future media, it could be in Blu-Ray form.

2b.  Having fully embraced the Apple TV, Netflix and Hulu empires (I, for one, welcome our new alien overlords…) am I really going to buy physical media again?

3.  I could just wait.  Do we think the price of digital media is going to continue to drop?  Should I replace my Tony and Carmella and Kermit and Vicar with digital versions of same?  My Olympic-level of television watching really means that there is little that I specifically go back time and time again to watch (Kermit, Tony and Vicar, really that’s about it…).  Upshot to waiting?  I don’t actually have to make a decision, and it’s REALLY cheap.  Like, free.

Thoughts from those who think about these things more than me?  I’m a consumer, not a facilitator, of the television arts.



(The Pool/Future Ski Lift Area of The World’s Smallest Apartment today.)



2 thoughts on “Witty Title Goes Here

  1. Hey Lauren, that’s a pretty great post. I recommend a Blu-Ray player for the following reason:

    1. They’re cheap these days. (Just don’t buy an over-priced HDMI cable.)
    2. They’ll play all your existing DVDs. (Bonus!)
    3. While we’re big fans of the cloud around here (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, etc.) the reality is that not everything is in the cloud and as you’ve noticed stuff goes up and down without warning.
    4. Replacing your DVDs with Digital/Streaming copies would probably cost more than the Blu-Ray player and also force you into vendor lock-in (meaning you would be dependent on that vendor’s technology) going forward.

    Hope that helps!


  2. Laptop with HDMI cable hook up that you can connect to your television! (Maybe you could write it off as a business expense?)

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