Four Days and Some Random

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Gentle Reader,

It has been FOUR DAYS since caffeine.  Ergo, it’s nearly bedtime.  And I’ll be up at 3:00 AM.  Good news is that I am getting all KINDS of “hanging” projects done.  You know those projects that aren’t technically mandatory, but really, life would be much better and easier if you’d just GET THEM DONE AND STOP STARING AT THEM ALREADY?  Those.  Most of these are on my desk.  And I’ve been staring at one of them for nearly two years.  Obviously, that’s not the one I’m tackling first (Why would I?   We’re already good friends now.) but things are getting done.

In other news, I thought it might be appropriate to give you an update on Project Agatha.  With lightening speed, I blazed through “The Mysterious Affair at Styles” in just under four months.  So.  But Santa brought me a Kindle Paperwhite (Santa, THANK YOU) which now allows me to read in the dark.  Y’all, I now know what people must have felt when looking at television for the first time-this thing is objectively AWESOME.  I stand firm that paper is still superior and there is NO substitute, but I think I’m kinda turning into that Old Maid School Marm from back in the early days of television.  The one that harped about how it was going to rot brains and bring about the downfall of civilization but in secret she watched Jackie Gleason (or whatever program was on at that point).  Sure I talk about paper’s virtues, but there is a faint but definite glow in my bedroom after bedtime.  So in about two weeks, I’ve progressed halfway through “The Secret Adversary”.  At this rate, it’s going to be a tossup as to whether I finish paying off my student loans or finish Project Agatha first.

And now, speaking of Christmas, and with my renewed ability to insert photos…



(The Code, hogging both of the toys that Santa brought them.)

(That’s a tree skirt up there in the background.  She Who Must Be Obeyed was in charge of tree management this year and she did NOT care for the tree skirt.  She liked the plain white bed sheet that was initially there better.)



(The Sir, with the most controversial blankie, ever.)

I’m also reading the Massie books about Russia.  LOVE.  Never thought even a nerd like me could say that about a 900 page book about a guy who has been dead for 300 years and was obsessed with boats, but there it is.  I’m Wordie, and I’m a nerd.  And I think I have found someone who can use more words than me!

And let me take this moment to proclaim: ROLL TIDE, ROLL.



PS-For the record, the addition of the Kindle means I have five communication devices that I would have to rescue in a fire because otherwise there would be an unfillable void in my life.  This might be one of those things I need to work on in 2013.  But thinking about it gives me hives and so I’ll worry about that later.

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