A Bit of Clarification

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Gentle Reader,

After yesterday’s post and the discussion of the “Detox Activation” tablets I feel I might ought to clarify.  I cling proudly to all of my vices (none of which are illegal), so the “Detox” in the tablets does not refer to anything medically approved or necessary.  (SPOILER ALERT) It’s January, and in the spirit of January, I am doing a “detox” designed to rid my body of all manner of baddies in order to make me look like a supermodel and also to make more room for the bacon.  It’s only for 10 days (I keep telling myself this because this no caffeine business is HARD) (juice cut with club soda is NOT DIET COKE AND I KNOW IT.) and you needn’t worry.  It was purchased at the natural foods store under the care and guidance of a 16-19 year old kid who assured me that he was pretty sure it was safe, and plus, it comes with a DVD.  So?  Move over medical science.

I’d do one of those juice thingeys, but all that green in non-margarita liquid form scares me, and I just don’t think I can do it.  I’d rather take 19 foul smelling, LARGE, tablets instead.  Washed down with a refreshing cocktail consisting of 1 part apple juice to 73 parts club soda.  Tasty.

You’re welcome for no pictures today.  Trust me-I’m already looking like a supermodel.



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