We Interrupt These Thirty Days

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(Which, TOTALLY STILL HAPPENING, but I need to catch up. People, I’m VERY grateful for all of you. Fry sauce, fried dill pickles, whole garlic cloves, wedding cake, hummus, shashlik, chicken and stuffing sandwiches, lobster, brisket, cheesecake, the AH-MAZING cheese from Saturday night…these are ALL previews of posts to come) (Funeral potatoes, steak tips and rice…)

BUT NOW, Audience participation time. (I NEED AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION-YOU KNOW HOW TO GET IN TOUCH WITH ME…) A friend is going to be going on two long plane trips with apparently 1.5 adults (I’ve seen the work of half of the “adults” and frankly, chronology will only get you so far, Sir.) and two older kiddos and on the return trip, they will have another kiddo. And I know the last time I was on a 14 hour plane ride, I had personal masseurs and Mr. Spielberg himself making whatever sort of videographic entertainment I desired, but apparently cutbacks have been made. SO I NEED YOUR HELP.

(My friend politely turned down my offer of actual things to take over to the place that they are going, presumably because all I ever post about is Labradors and Bacon and those are questionable items in checked baggage.) (Amateurs.)

I’m combing the YouTubes to see if I can’t stock up her personal electronic device about which we are currently having a difference of opinion and therefore will not name with hilarious videos. From what I gather, there are two personal electronic devices (which sounds weird…let’s call it a personal non-creepy video electronic entertainment device), one for the tenderer eyes and ears and one for the ones that can handle the PG-13, m’kay?

An idea of what they will consider to be enjoyable:
-Mad Men
-Breaking Bad
(I love them)
-Excellent stand-up humor
-ANYTHING to do with Carly Rae Jepsen 😉
-K, I’ve already sent them the Nineties video and watched it myself three times this AM.
-Miss America Talents (A? The Fringe is already in my list.)
-Kilgore Junior College Rangerettes
-Labradors (because I truly, truly want her children to resume their “can we have a dog?” campaign at this time in her life because I try to be a kind friend like that…)
-Anything TRULY hilarious. (If we found it hilarious in college? Really examine it before we send it.)
-Anything TRULY hilarious. (If we found it hilarious in law school? Let’s really examine when we first found it hilarious before we send it.)
-They do enjoy appropriate God Humor.
(I like talkin’ God with her.)

So-you have your task. Get ready, get set, GO!!!!!!!!! (NOW! They are leaving soon!)


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