I Don’t Even Know If This Rises to the Level of “Boring”…

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Gentle Reader,

I had momentum that I didn’t want to stop, so another post.  Let’s pray for something interesting, shall we?

1.  Cooper is now at The Ranch for a few weeks, playing with his brudder and his favorite person in the world (Daddy-it’s always Daddy.  I am merely a roof over his head in between his time with The Code and The Ear-Rubber.) which leaves me with some time to get some real (read: paying) work done.

2.  I had to throw another fuzzy blanket on the bed last night.  I LOVE THIS.

3.  Alas, with the shift in the weather, I’ve got allergies and the headaches I always get when the weather really starts to shift from one “season” to another (Having experienced actual seasons in Indiana, I can authoritatively state that Texas has two seasons-“hot” and “face meltingly hot”, I sometimes miss Hoosier country.).  If it means that we get temperatures below 80?  I’ll take a headache.  Sign me up.

4. My skin has not yet accepted my demands for surrender, the battle continues.

5.  Upshot, a tenuous detente has been reached with my hair.  It involves a round brush, and I can’t really tell you more than that.

6.  Will someone please come over and teach me how to read a calendar?  Because twice in two months now I have seriously misread a calendar and double-booked.  Actually, will someone just be my booking specialist?  I will pay in brisket.

7.  I made bean and kale soup.  Finally.

8.  I made spaghetti sauce.  (From a jar.) (I am shamed.)

9.  I did add my own ground beef and some spices.

10.  D & C-CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR NEW HOUSE!!!!!!!  I can’t wait to visit and see it!

And I’m going to stop here and allow this post to end with a modicum of dignity.



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