A Veritable Fishbowl Full of Random

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Gentle Reader,

1.  It is still hot.

2.  The Boys are still the sweetest Labradors ever invented.

3.  The cat is still the cutest, MEANEST feline ever invented.

4.  Agatha update?  Halfway through “The Mysterious Affair at Styles”.  Where are you???

5.  It’s getting to be this time of year again.  Anybody want to join me in the challenge?  This will be my second year, and I am now older and wiser and will absolutely make room in my budget for Diet Coke.  It very well might be that I spend the entire week eating cheese grits and Diet Coke, but the likelihood of my practicing the art of citizen’s arrest on people that irritate me is WAAAY lower. And I’ll get my veggies next week.

6.  In conjunction with this, I will be doing some kind of donation to the North Texas Food Bank tied to my challenge.  But I am out of creativity on what form that challenge will take.  (You remember like when we were little and we did those jump rope marathons and collected pledges based on how many times you can jump rope.  It will come as no surprise that none of my donors had to write very big checks to whatever charity that one was for.)  (I merely mention this as sort of my inspiration, not out of any kind of desire to actually jump rope at my age.)  Two things:  1-I promise I will not hit you up for money.  Just not my style.  And 2-anybody that has any creative ideas should feel free to tell me about them.  (Andy, no I will not donate a dollar for every word I publish on the blog.)

7.  If I were to consider an e-reader, does anybody have opinions?  I like to read at night and so one of those backlit screens is a priority because when I get all sleepy, I don’t want to have to hoist myself up out of bed and turn off the lamp (it wakes me up just enough to have to start the falling asleep process all over again).  The World’s Smallest Apartment Bedroom is not very big and so comfort and convenience were trumped by the “just get it all in there” factor. I think we’ve already established I have plenty of routes of communication with the online world, and so I do not need my e-reader to surf the net, show movies, or create a slideshow of my Spring Break ’12 trip to Huntsville, TX.  (You know you’re jealous.  Huntsville has just as many sketchy criminals as Cancun, only without the pesky sun and beach and girly drinks in cute vessels.  In fact, I’m pretty sure Huntsville is known as “the Cancun of the piney woods”.)  I’m concerned about pinning myself down to one bookseller over another if I buy the Nook or the Kindle.  Can I read books I bought on Amazon on the Nook and vice versa?

And I do believe that is all.  Maybe tomorrow I can work on a coherent narrative with appropriate transitions between paragraphs.  I promise nothing.



PS-Not too late to join us in the Agatha project.  Up next?  “The Secret Adversary”.  I think I remember watching the movie version of this.  But the advantage of grad school and aging is that I’ve forgotten everything about this book/movie adaptation.  I don’t even know which detective is featured.

PPS-I want you to REALLY REALLY consider doing the Challenge with me.  The rules for this year aren’t up yet, but you can get an idea at their site.  And I think careful planning is the strategy to making it thru the Challenge without driving my car into buildings on purpose.  So if you start thinking about it now, you’ll be ahead of the curve.

PPPS-Paper books are still VASTLY superior to (shudder) “e-ink” (shudder), but standing on principle here is rapidly devouring my available bookshelf space.  It also makes movers crazy angry with me (even the professional ones) and send me their chiropractor bills.

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