It’s Like They’re Trying to Erase History

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Gentle Reader(s?),

EDITED TO ADD:  This is totally not my photograph.  A hallmate took this photo, and I’m sure she has no desire to be discussed on a blog of such a high quality, so her initials are T.T. (O.), and all credit belongs to her!


My freshman dorm at Vanderbilt.  Hemingway Hall.  It’s GOING TO BE TORN DOWN!!!!

I would have thought that my $25 alumni association contributions would have preserved my historic path thru that school, as some kind of living monument to a truly mediocre academic career there.  But I guess not even money talks now.

Shout out to my Hemingway 2 girls!!!!!  Love and miss y’all!



PS-If they try to tear down McTyeire?  I’m chaining myself to the doors.

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