It’s Like They’re Trying to Erase History

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Gentle Reader(s?),

EDITED TO ADD:  This is totally not my photograph.  A hallmate took this photo, and I’m sure she has no desire to be discussed on a blog of such a high quality, so her initials are T.T. (O.), and all credit belongs to her!


My freshman dorm at Vanderbilt.  Hemingway Hall.  It’s GOING TO BE TORN DOWN!!!!

I would have thought that my $25 alumni association contributions would have preserved my historic path thru that school, as some kind of living monument to a truly mediocre academic career there.  But I guess not even money talks now.

Shout out to my Hemingway 2 girls!!!!!  Love and miss y’all!



PS-If they try to tear down McTyeire?  I’m chaining myself to the doors.

Subtle Messages

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Gentle Reader,

Today I got to go retrieve my car from the body shop (in exchange for two deductibles…silly rules…) and turn in the tin can, erm, rental that I have been driving for the last week.  A few observations:

1.  OH HOW I HAVE MISSED the feeling (however deceptive) of safety that my SUV provides me.  I LIKE being taller than other cars on the road.  Perhaps it is because that is the only place that I am taller than others.

2.  Oh?  My car is white?  So that’s what that color under all the bug guts was…  (Listen, driving out to the ranch and hauling 160 lbs of fur and slobber around, it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for me to adhere to a strict schedule of washing my car.  I’m pretty sure that the last time my car, particularly the interior, was that clean?  It was in the showroom.)

3.  The body shop helpfully left a packet of antibacterial wipes in my car “with their compliments”.  Is this commentary on my general level of germiness?  Or the level of Labrador slobber on the insides of my windows?

4.  I think I might actually be the first person ever to have a cleaner car WITH children than before.  (This, of course, assumes I meet the father of said children.)




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Gentle Reader,

Hi!  I’m Wordie!  It’s nice to talk to you again!  The blog has been ignored for two months because basically my personal life has been topsy turvy and I’ve lost two people who were very dear to me (one of which I didn’t actually know just how dear he was to me until one day he wasn’t there anymore) (file that under “Hug your beloveds tight, please.”) and I was in a funk and just didn’t feel like bringing the funny, and I didn’t think that my reader(s?) felt like reading a post about how today I saw a postcard and got weepy (hormones are fun!).  (True story.)  (Why said postcard is still sitting on my desk in a frame is a larger question that can also be answered with, “hormones are fun!” and also, “one day, the tears will stop and the sunny will remain”…)

But anyway, before we go any further, I have an issue that simply MUST BE DISCUSSED.  Paul McCartney (proof that money does make one INFINITELY more attractive) and Wings.  “Live and Let Die”.  I am NOT the grammar police.  I promise.  (A fact to which my graduate school writing prof will most certainly attest.)  But every time I hear that song, it’s like thousands of nails on blackboards grating in my ears.  “But if this ever changing world in which we live in…”   SERIOUSLY???????  It HURTS!!!!!!  And my extensive Googling of the subject has just revealed that both Paul AND Linda claim credit for this masterpiece, so TWO SETS OF ENGLISH-SPEAKING EYES (that would be the Queen’s English, by the way…) looked at that and went, “Yep.  Let’s put that out in the musical lexicon.”  I am sure I’m not the first to comment on this (first world) travesty,  but I heard the song on the radio on my way back from an appointment today and I felt I had to weigh in on this admittedly pressing issue.  Here endeth today’s grammar lesson.  Let us pray.

Anyway, those of you who have been following this blog (that would be my mama, and…well, my mama) know that I just adore my cousin Andy.  He is the reason this blog exists.  (You can either thank him or throw things at him.  Message me for his address…)  And last week, Baby Andy got MARRIED!  The parentals and I went up to New England for ten days (not that I counted) and spent time up there before his wedding in Boston.  A few images:

(In case you had forgotten what he looks like.)


Moose(es?) from the L.L. Bean flagship store in Maine, where various Labrador and Labrador-themed accessories were purchased.  (We also saw the world’s most adorable chocolate Lab puppy, but mama, a.k.a., “The Funkiller” wouldn’t let me get him as my souvenir from Maine.)  (So we still have an incomplete set of Labradors.  Just FYI.)


The Sweetest Flower Girl Dress, ever.  That Sophia didn’t get to wear.  (AHEM, Maya.)


Baby Andy and his Best Girl.


Baby Andy’s Baby Sister, Laura.  Who is every bit as good a dancer as I, despite our actually sharing NO DNA.


Laura, and our cousin, H, for whom gravity and sunscreen are things to be thought about in the distant future.  It can’t be easy to be the youngest cousin in a family the size of ours, but H does pretty well.  It’s easy to do well when you look like her.  😉


A & O, after whose wedding this blog was born.  (Still together!  I think they might make it.)


This one’s for Maya.  She’ll know.


The view.


Andy, for Heavens’ sakes, it’s your WEDDING DAY, and THEY’RE YOUR COUSINS.  At least try to keep up appearances that we’re normal.


I think it is beyond fitting that the last image I captured of Andy and his Best Girl’s Big Day was this one, of Princess Laura.

But Princess Laura doesn’t get the last word in this blog post.  That honor is reserved for Andy’s favorite.  Indeed, it is: