Texting With Labradors

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Gentle Reader,

An actual text transcript.:

“Me:  Cooper misses brudder.


Mama:  So does Cody.

Mama:  Cody eating dinner.

Me:  Cooper has moved onto the snack course.

[Ed. note:  It should be noted that it is now 4:46 here in The Great Republic.  Cooper was finished with his dinner at 3:44.]

Mama:  Poor boy.

Me:  Its a rough life.”


And it was at this point that I took a closer look at the little snapshot I had sent to Mama.  The boy has flung himself wholeheartedly onto his (extra large) memory foam dog bed out of depression after a complete nutritionally balanced dinner with pumpkin on top of it (it’s his favorite…) and having FOUR rawhides on the floor available to meet his chewing needs (oh, we have many more than that scattered around The World’s Smallest Apartment, but four visible in the snapshot).

I believe that is what they call “a good problem to have.”



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