Please Excuse Wordie from Gym Class, She’s Looking For Her Checkbook

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Gentle Readers,

I haven’t been the best blogger this week.  I would offer a better excuse but the simple truth is that I’ve had 160 pounds of Labrador in the World’s Smallest Apartment, and while that may seem funner than Disneyland, please bear in mind that Cody is our escape artist (twice this week) and sheds so much I frankly don’t understand how he isn’t bald.


But he is very sweet.  And has HUGE feet.  (I love their feet and their ears.  I’m sick, I know.)


And eternally happy, despite the lack of tennis ball time this week.

Cooper has been a bit jealous, what with Cody encroaching on his space, so we’ve had a few exciting moments where Cooper has stood up for himself and kept Cody from taking up with me.  I belong to Cooper, and he intends to make sure blondie here knows it.


He’s a little bit of a wimp, but he’s handsome.  And doesn’t shed as much.

So I’ve been spending the week feeding and watering two Labradors (their favorite game is “Competitive Drinking” where they both stand at the same water dish and slurp water as fast as they can until one stops, a game which I believe originated at a fraternity party somewhere) (for the record, I have two HUGE water dishes out and keep them full at all times…) and trying to keep the dog fur down to a dull roar by sweeping the floor TWICE A DAY.  And I still have blonde dog fur tumbleweeds scattered apart around the apartment.

And I’ve been trying like a mad woman to get laundry done, but it is EXTREMELY challenging, erm, fun with two dogs to help you by coating all the fresh laundry in fur.

And then I’ve been preparing for a class that I’m in next week.  I’m a bit terrified of that, folks.  I don’t think I’m ready, I don’t know that anybody ever feels “ready” for the Thing that is The Subject of the class that I am in next week.  But it is an educational program, so hopefully the directors aren’t expecting perfection right out of the bat.  If they are, I’m pretty sure they are going to be disappointed.

Anyway, due to the Thing that I am attending next week, blogging will again be sporadic.  I’ll let you know if anything fun happens.



PS-I’m watching “Toddlers and Tiaras” on Netflix instant.  I don’t know whether to be sad or terrified.  Or both.  There is a kid IN DIAPERS getting  spray tan right now.  The mom just mentioned something about needing to make “improvements” on her TODDLER.  But it’s a little like a train wreck.  You just can’t help looking.

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