We Survived The Weekend

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Gentle Readers,

Just a quick update to let you know that we survived the weekend despite Cody deciding to sprint around the parking lot COMPLETELY (for the first time ever) IGNORING the tennis ball with which P was trying to lure him back into The Word’s Smallest Apartment, and an unfortunate incident with a pizza delivery dude who was terrified of Labrador snuggles.

One of the pair has a bit of an upset tummy (I have my suspicions) and frankly, I’m beat and my apartment has a faint smell of, well, Labrador upset tummy.  People, I feel as though I have been COMPLETELY PREPARED for an infant, should I ever meet the father of said infant, by these two.  If it’s gross, I’ve seen it, smelled it, and had it under my fingernails.

Cody has assumed the job of sleeping up on the big bed with me, and while I’m totally fine with that, he hasn’t been trained on The Rules.  The Rules consist of:

1.  I get in the big bed first.

2.  I get settled in the bed first.  Pillows arranged, blankets pulled up, head on pillow.

3.  Then The Beast gets in the big bed.

4.  I’m a flipper.  I flip A LOT.  And so when the “OFF!” command is shouted, it is not ignored.  The Beast hops off, lets me flip, then hops back on.

Cooper and I have perfected this system.  He understands and obeys perfectly.  Cody really views the rules as a jumping off point for “negotiations” meaning he hears the command and thinks about it while he moves to the direct center of the bed and curls back up.  My back now goes in three different directions and I’m not sure it was supposed to do that.

Anyway, I’m going to try to beat Cody into the bed.



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