Because Tomorrow I Get To Have My Gums Scraped

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Gentle Readers,

This will be (don’t worry, Andy) a brief little post tonight.  I’m exhausted-I spent the morning at a conference learning how to be a better New “Thing That I Am” (I’m still trying to hold tight to a little shred of anonymity here, people, in case someone outside of my family and friends ever goes bonkers enough to read this blog…), and they could have preserved the Ice Man in the conference room.  I know EXACTLY how the Crowne Plaza people feel about “Things That I Am” because they stuck us in the basement, but not just the basement, the basement UNDER the parking garage so we could hear every axle as it rolled over us, and they set the air conditioner to “Menopause In July”.  I was wearing my Hoosier winter coat (not to be confused with my “Texas Winter Coat” which is at the drycleaners since it hasn’t gotten much use this year and I didn’t want the horror of invisible stains to set in over the summer, thus ruining me socially next winter), zipped up, HOOD ON, and was STILL FREEZING.  Anyway, after bringing my core body temp up to a toasty 75, I jumped into the car and ran to the five client meetings/appearances I had this afternoon-all of them at a different Starbucks.  (So I did what everybody does after consuming too much caffeine, I had fast food barbecue for dinner.  So it’s a wide awake shame and regret that I’m feeling tonight.)

And now, I need to go to bed because tomorrow morning before the sun even thinks of getting up, I get to go back to the World’s Funnest Conference Room and sit for EIGHT WHOLE HOURS, learning about a subject that is near and dear to my soul, about which I feel so much passion sometimes I cry (okay, I cry a lot, at a lot of things, but these tears?  special tears.), but still.  EIGHT HOURS.  I think that they’ll be frozen tears tomorrow.

In the meantime, I have a friend who has seen me through some AWFUL times.  Some JOYFUL times.  Some very ANGRY times.  And she’s been there.  Trusting me when nobody else except for my dog did (including myself).  Holding out a hand.  Believing in me.  And today I learned that this week has been a doozie for her and her beloved.  I believe in her, I believe in him.  My friend and her beloved need both prayers and miracles tonight, reader.  Please pray for healing and for a solution.



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