The Source Is Thirty!!!!!!

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Gentle Readers,

While I am sure that none of you has stopped to ponder the name of my blog (I am making a pretty safe assumption that you associate me with LOTS of talking and words) (there’s just so many out there to use!!!!!!  and I love them so!!!!!!) there is in fact a source for the name of the blog.  Almost a year ago, I sent someone a text message.  And when said text was read aloud, Andy, my sweet baby cousin Andy, said, “I don’t believe you.  Let me see that.  There’s not enough words for it to be from [her.]”

And a blog title was born.

Andy, I think I’ve typed plenty of words for you, I’m going to type some more, and I hope you’ll cherish each of them for they are tenderly crafted ALL BECAUSE OF YOU.  (This blog is, in other words, ALL YOUR FAULT.)

Anyway, Andy has a BIG birthday today!!!!!  He is THIRTY!  THIRTY!  Can you believe that this:

and this:

(the gal in the pic that sorta looks like Andy is, in fact, not Andy, but his baby sister, who is YOUNGER than THIRTY…)(WAAAAAY YOUNGER, Dear Cousin, WAY YOUNGER….)

Is now thirty?  People, I remember wearing similarly styled duds.  (It was the eighties,  we were all experimenting, that’s all I’m going to say about that.)  I’m definitely not old enough to be older than someone who is THIRTY.

Anyway, he makes it easier to believe that he is THIRTY with photos like this one:

Though we suspect that the immediate aftermath of this particular snapshot is what made his dear sweet baby sister crazy enough to do what she does for a living.  (Hope the headache eventually went away, dear.)

And that’s just what I could do with the aid of his crazy baby sister and her cell phone in one afternoon.  Andy’s got another pretty big event coming up soon so who KNOWS what I can come up with for that…

And, since I know Andy appreciates it, a repost…

Think of it as icing on your cake, dear cousin.

(Or fringe.)



PS-Submissions are ALWAYS gratefully accepted, cousins.

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