Thursday Tidbits

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Gentle Readers,

I have to dash, but I wanted to share two photos with you.  I know that we are LABRADOR PEOPLE, not cat people, but the cat really is pretty funny most of the time (except when she’s being mean, which is the vast majority of the time…) and she poses so well.  Cats are “stiller” than Boy Labradors, and thus make easier photography subjects.  (My strategy for the boys is to wait until they are sleeping.  Easier that way.)

Y’all, we didn’t take a picture of her when she first fell down our chimney because despite feeding her and loving on her, mama didn’t think we had actually gotten ourselves a “free” cat.  So I guess she didn’t want to bond.  And the blog was still new, so I hadn’t figured out that the mundane needed photographing.

But this little girl was the size of a stick of butter, HAD A TICK ON HER EYE (I still can’t type that without getting teary, it must have hurt so much!), and was dull, listless, and basically starving.

But now-look!  SHINY, bright, alert, big(ger), and completely in charge.  It’s amazing what food, love, and two lifesaving surgeries within two weeks will do for a girl.

(Mama, like OJ and his search for the “real killer”, is still “looking for the cat’s real owner”.)

What you don’t see here is that she has a bed FIVE INCHES AWAY.  Soft, fuzzy, warm bed.  And homegirl is asleep on some binder clips and notepaper.  This photo is proof that she is NOT SMARTER than The Boys who know that sofas and big beds make excellent napping spots.  And, in the summer, the spot on the floor where the sunlight comes in through the window.  Good Boys.



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