The Post With No Name

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Gentle Readers,

I have spent the last five minutes trying to think of a title for this little post.  It should please you that I have spent an equal amount of time thinking of content for this little post.  All in all, I’d say you’re in for a little literary treat this evening!

So since my ear infection is being treated with antibiotics that I am pretty darn sure are banned in all but Chechnya and steroids that have ruined what I am certain would have been truly Olympic sporting chances , I’ve been out of commission.  The antibiotics have made me feel groggy, exhausted, foggy-headed, and have had other side effects that shall not be discussed on this pleasant blog.  The steroids have made me able to consume a super-sonic double cheeseburger with extra pickles and extra mustard and a large tator tots and a large cherry coke, and still now I am eyeing a chocolate frog that my friend Catherine sent me from their recent trip to Harry Potter World.  I just hope that this froggie, like his movie counterpart, shall find a window and hop away from me, because nobody needs to consume the number of calories I have just inhaled as if in some sort of eating competition.  (I also got a Godric Gryffindor in my Chocolate Frog Box.  Apparently they come with trading cards-just like in the movie!)

So all in all, we’ve been in status quo here at the World’s Smallest Apartment.  This weekend, I was tired of January and All The Gray, and bought myself a new set of sheets in a cheery spring green polka dot pattern and some lovely yellow pillowcases.  I felt better even before I got them on the bed.  I will say that these sheets (Springmaid for Target) are very soft and crisp, too.  Love.

Today, after I got done with my “must do” work, I had a few hours left in the day.  Because when you are groggy and not thinking clearly is known as the best time to try and broaden your intellectual horizons, I spent a few hours this afternoon listening to some CLE on Appellate Procedure.  Nope, still not my forte.  But, I listened to them and took notes so I never have to listen to them again!  Yay!  If I ever feel the need to be baffled, I can just flip to my handy notebook!

And then since The Sir has been a GEM through this entire ear episode, despite my being utterly boring, I took him on a little field trip to Sonic to get the aforementioned Feast For Seven For One.  And since he is nothing if not charming, he also got his own burger (he always gets his own burger, it’s his secret to maintaining his girlish figure…).

The Report from the Ranch is that despite the exhaustion of patrolling her empire, Scout the Ranch Cat/Trained Killer is resting comfortably.

Poor girl, her life is JUST SO HARD.

(And why won’t she let me pet that fuzzy tummy?????  It’s just begging to be petted…but OH, the scratching and hissing that ensues.)  (I’ve started scratching and hissing back.  I’m afraid that she missed the point and thinks we’re having a conversation.)



PS-“30 Rock”.  Can we discuss?  Did I miss something?  Or was it really, REALLY that bad?  I was truly amazed by the ability of the show to sustain such levels of unfunny for 21 whole minutes.  I must be missing out on something, right?  Someone enlighten me, please.  Was this some sort of experimental television that went over my head?

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