I know, you were waiting with baited breath…

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Gentle Readers,

I know that you are excited to see Christmas at the World’s Smallest Apartment, and I am, too.  That shall have to wait until tomorrow when I can go (for the SECOND TIME IN TWO DAYS) to Home Depot (I am a VIB member at Sephora.  I am not a frequent customer at Home Depot so I don’t know what their “club for people who spend too much money there” is called.  I feel that this should exempt me from having to go to this store this frequently.) to get another extension cord because mine is one foot too short.

I spend my life being too short.

Anyway, three pieces of exciting news to share with you and then I’ll let you go about your business.

1.  After reading about the OPI Muppets collection on Big Mama, I was VERY excited.  I have a thing for the Muppets.  I have a thing for beauty products.  Such sweet serendipity rarely happens in my life.  And then I started shopping for the polish.  (In stores, because I DO NOT LIKE TO WAIT.)  (Except when making gravy.  It’s worth it.)  People, I have about seventy-two bottles of “Affair in Red Square” (BEST SHADE EVER), thirty-one of “I’m Not Really A Waitress” (A very close second), and twelve “Vodka and Caviar” (for those times that I’m feeling more like a flat shade of polish), and those were all I found.  I need no more of those shades.  The special Muppet displays remained empty.  Except one had a bottle of “An Affair in Red Squre” in the “Pepe’s Purple Passion” space.  Mocking me.  Three stores later, I had found the two shades I really liked best-“Meep Meep Meep” and “Animalistic”, but not the crowning shade, “Rainbow Connection”.  Not because the shade is one I will wear a lot, but because the song.  It’s special.  And more people in my line of work need to appreciate the Muppets and really REALLY listen to the words of that song.  You will be relieved to note that a bottle was obtained online.  Along with “Big Nails, Big Hair” which I missed from their Texas line.  If you are a fan of the Muppets and are asking Santa for this polish, I suggest that you ask his elves to get on this POSTHASTE.

2.  If you, like me, are a fan of the C9 lights (the old school Christmas lights that are awesome), you are going to want to order your replacement bulbs online.  I have searched (SEARCHED) the big box stores.  There is a conspiracy somewhere.  But they can be easily obtained online.

3.  Finally, Scout the Ranch Cat/Trained Killer has her own Christmas ornament.  All of our animals get their own Christmas ornaments (in their likeness-Susie the black Cocker Spaniel, Daisy the blonde Cocker Spaniel, Freddi the spotted Cocker Spaniel, Cooper the black Lab, Cody the yellow Lab, and now Scout, the black and white “free” cat that had two expensive surgeries in her first two weeks of life.) and we hadn’t been able to find one for her.  Found one today.  I know you’ll sleep better tonight.

I believe I have shared enough tonight.  Anybody else have randomness to share with the Internets?



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