Christmastime at The Ranch

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Gentle Readers,

Before we dive into my two-part Christmas Tour, let’s love on some people, okay?  (To borrow a phrase from BooMama)  Today there are three people that I love to pieces, one of whom I haven’t even met yet (AND DON’T NEED TO MEET FOR SEVERAL MORE MONTHS), that need your prayers.  I guard their privacy, but God knows the contents of all hearts, so please pray VERY HARD for them, okay?  Or light a candle, or think good thoughts, or whatever you feel led.

And now, on with the parade of “decorations”.

Right before Thanksgiving, Christmas arrived at The Ranch.

In case the font is too small for you, the sign on the left tells us that The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year is upon us (aka, “Deer Harvest”) and the sign on the right cheerfully tells any would-be party crashers that we take poachers VERY SERIOUSLY, and we prosecute them, and that in some counties here in the Great Republic poaching remains a capital offense.  I find that the red and the green really give things a festive air, don’t you?

(Question, if I can’t poach it, how do I prepare my deer?  Nothing else gives it that tenderness.)

And, decorations at the Ranch are still going up, but I have a few I can share.  Apparently, the role of the Baby Jesus in our living nativity will be played this year by the youngest member of our household, Scout the Ranch Cat/Trained Killer.

Here she is practicing lying serenely (HA!) in the manger.

We also made the mistake of mentioning that Santa was coming soon.

They’ve been there ever since.

Back tomorrow with an update on things at the World’s Smallest Apartment.



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