Turkey, or, “The Labrador Dream”

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Gentle Reader,

This poor blog has been ignored more often than the tennis racket (raquet?  I think the first is a better term…) my daddy bought for me in elementary school.  And more often than the set of golf clubs he bought me when I graduated from college.  (I will say that the driving range?  I worked out some issues there.)  Anyway, the summary of the myriad excuses for the bloggy cold shoulder is:

Starting your own business may indeed be the American Dream.  But it is NOT the American Dream where you wake up and find out that risotto is actually healthier for you than kale.  And that ham is the new superfood.

But a year later, I’m still standing.  Beaten.  Triumphant.  EXHAUSTED.  Frustrated.  Thrilled.  Bored.  Angry.  Happy.  And still standing.  And for that, I am thankful.  I’m still learning this game, and the rules keep changing, and sometimes, at the end of the day, I’m okay with that.  I think one year into this racket, that’s about the best I can hope for.

Now, on to the critters, because they make such easy subjects for a blog post!

This Thanksgiving, we find ourselves cooking for TWELVE!  (I am not even kidding when I tell you that mama and I are REALLY EXCITED about this.  Only children, and mamas of only children, LOVE cooking for big crowds because it’s such a novelty!  We actually NEED the double oven this year!  We have LOTS of dishes to make!  So we can USE all the pots and pans, and-I’m giddy about this part-I HAVE TO BRING CHAIRS FROM THE WORLD’S SMALLEST APARTMENT TO THE RANCH BECAUSE WE DON’T HAVE ENOUGH THERE!)  We will be missing some of our usual faces this year (B and S, Cooper promised to keep your portions safe for you…) but we get to have lots of new faces and new friends, and The Boys are beyond excited to play host to so many new laps upon which to climb.

So anyway, Cooper is thankful for turkey.

(Photographer’s foot is in there.  Again-mark of true professional quality!)

I think he likes them.  Yes, those are TWO turkeys this year!  We were going to fix a turkey and then a turkey breast, but it was FAR cheaper to buy two whole turkeys than a turkey breast.  (Wal-Mart, $0.58/lb.  Not even kidding when I say that’s the high point of my week thus far.)

Cooper is extraordinarily thankful for Wal-Mart and their commitment to low prices.  (Nope, Wal-Mart doesn’t know about this ole blog, and I’d say they know nothing about me, but they have most of my medical history since the advent of the $4 prescription. But they have in no way endorsed, paid for, or sponsored me or this post.)

Cody is really excited about seeing his brother for a WHOLE WEEK!

And She Who Must Be Obeyed, (aka, “Scout the Ranch Cat/Trained Killer”) is thankful for running water.

It’s so much tastier than the fresh water in the special bowl that is replaced for her three or four times daily.  (I mean honestly, for a creature that FELL DOWN OUR CHIMNEY, this girl enjoys a pretty sweet existence since she completely took charge of things around the Ranch.)  (FYI, the less than 1 pound scrawny, yowl-y thing that FELL DOWN OUR CHIMNEY, is now just under 7 pounds.  How come MY doctor doesn’t get excited and congratulate me when I gain 6 pounds in four months?)  (Doctor Eric?  Are you accepting new patients?)

The Boys drink out of a STOCK WATERING PAN and the toilet, so obviously, they are no arbiters of taste.

I sincerely hope I get back to this ole blog with a weekend recap (hint:  cooking…lots…) (OMG, I think I might have to make TWO Strawberry Pretzel Salads this year!  Solely in the name of making sure we are good hosts with enough salad for everybody.  It’s not at all to ensure leftovers.) before Turkey Day, but if not, I am thankful for you.  Each and every one of you.  May you be healthy and well-fed, and surrounded by beloveds.



4 thoughts on “Turkey, or, “The Labrador Dream”

    • Not sure, dear, but really. SWMBO is COMPLETELY in charge here, no sympathy needed. Santa brought her more stuff than The Boys. Which is sad.

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