Let’s See If I Remember This…

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Gentle Reader,

Last weekend, we attempted to fry chicken.  It had been awhile since at least some of us had personally deep-fried anything.


First, we brine.  Brine recipe is a total secret.  Because I have no recipe and do what feels right at the time.

After brining, we rinse the bird.  And then season, and then batter.  (Using the Alton Brown, “flour, wash, flour again”, three-bowl method.)

While we are doing that, our oil is getting hot.  Crisco.  Always Crisco.  And the solid kind.

And then…we fry.  OH YES MA’AM!!!!!!

When golden brown and delicious, we flip.

And when it’s done, we make gravy (photography banned for security reasons…) and we serve immediately.  With sliced tomatoes, mashed potatoes, lima beans, and iced tea.  And if you remember how to fix them, biscuits.  But we had already had a big day…



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