An Open Letter

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Gentle Reader,

I’ve figured out how to look at how people find this here blog.  It’s like magic, that Internet thing.  Anyway, on with the letter…

Dear Person Who Found My Blog Using The Search Term “gently into the night but with a whimper not a bang”,

I’m not sure what you were searching for.  Were you searching for deep, meaningful reflections on this tiny planet and our steps upon it?  Because I mean, my thoughts on television, Labradors, and aggressive use of bacon in cookery certainly are a reflection on the human condition.

Are you a high school English student?  Because Miss Dale DID NOT MEAN my blog when she was telling you to do outside research on your senior English paper.  (Mine was about James Dickey’s “Falling”.  Wound up going to his Alma Mater for College.  Miss Dale is still deeply disappointed in my grammar and bibliography skills.)  Seriously, kiddo, you have GOT to go back and find some better research for your bibliography.  I know-you won’t use the articles because you are in high school and most of what the articles are talking about go over even my head (not hard, my head’s pretty low to the ground), but Miss Dale will know that you spent the extra hour on Google really digging into the meat of the work of correctly formatting a bibliography that really means nothing to all but the most dedicated of readers (in other words, Miss Dale).

Perhaps you have already taken senior English.  And, perhaps a bit of time has passed since.  If that’s the case, no judgment, but it’s time for a Dylan Thomas refresher course.  (No, not the guy from “90210”.)  And a T. S. Eliot refresher course.

Don’t worry, I get them mixed up ALL THE TIME.



PS-Scout the Ranch Cat/Trained Killer was exhausted during the composition of this post.  It’s hard to have such brilliant pearls of intelligence, poise, and wit cast before the swine that are her staff.

PPS-WE ARE LABRADOR PEOPLE, NOT CAT PEOPLE.  But look at that adorable paw.  I’m kind of addicted to the paws.

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