Hunger Challenge: Wrap-Up, or “Whimper, Not Bang”

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Gentle Reader,

As evidence of my mortality, and if the fact that I am not the Pope didn’t convince you, and my fallibility, I offer The Last Few Days Of The Hunger Challenge.

Friday, I was supposed to host Girls’ Game Night.  I had planned on eating my Hunger Challenge snacks, and serving my guests various Thrifty Appetizers, and Value Wine.  (But Value Wine that I have deemed to be tastier than most.)  Plans for a Make Your Own Bob Armstrong Dip bar were in motion.  And then I got a migraine.

I blame the changing weather, and if it means that it becomes less than 1,000 degrees outside, I’m willing to make the sacrifice.  But Game Night was postponed while I sat in the dark and tried to keep cool.  (Does anybody else find that EVERYTHING is much more awful when their head hurts?  I couldn’t get cool, and I must be cool in order to sleep, and I must sleep in order to get rid of the headache.  What can I say?  I like channeling my inner Diva.)  I had sugar, I had caffeine, I ate whatever I wanted.  The Migraine ’11 was not going to be satiated by that awful spaghetti or some black eyed peas.  I’m lucky I don’t have to stay on The Hunger Challenge.  It’s a choice for me.

Saturday, I spent most of the day trying mightily to get rid of The Migraine ’11.  And finally, about an hour before P came over, it went away.  So, we were celebrating.  Went to Scalini’s, which I think we all know means garlic cheese bread and pizza.  I would have had a glass of wine, but I wanted some more sugar and caffeine, so I had a fully leaded coke.  And had some pasta, too.  Because half a pizza wasn’t enough.  And then we went to Marble Slab.  To get some Birthday Cake ice cream with sprinkles mixed in.  So, clearly, Saturday was spent with strict adherence to the Hunger Challenge.

And today, I went out to The Ranch to get The Sir, and we went out for Sunday Lunch.  And since Athens, TX OBVIOUSLY has some kind of strange rule about every restaurant having some type of buffet offering, I think we all know what I had for Sunday lunch.  Except this one was different, because they had various baked treats (I had a coconut cake that was so light it floated down from Heaven) for dessert instead of an ice cream freezer. (Really, I’ve never seen so many buffets crammed into such a tiny space, and I have been to Vegas…my friend K also observed that Athens has a boatload of donut shops, which I easily attribute to the 794 churches that Athens also has…)  I’m still thinking about that coconut cake.  Dear heaven, it was grand.

So-I think we can officially say that the Hunger Challenge is done, and indeed, I went out with a whimper, not a bang.  I went gently into that night, and basically disappointed every poet I can remember from Junior English.  My friend A was also taking it with me, and I’d like to think that she did better on the Challenge (I know she did) but today I got a text mentioning something about great crusty bread, brie, and organic pears with white wine.  Either A has starved herself for the last week and saved her entire budget for that one meal, OR, she’s got one heck of a grocery hookup.  Or, she had a day like I did.  Except A has a like, real, working job (not just a Lifesavers Desk Job…) and so her fatigue was real.  And in her job, I think she probably would have burned off that coconut cake instead of just slathering it on her arms and backside, as I did.

Anyway, I will be doing this again next year, and I think I’ve learned a few things along the way that will help me (like, Diet Coke is TOTALLY WORTH the $ in my budget because without it, I kind of turn into Scary Spice) so next year, I’ll finish on a stronger note.  It seems strange, to arbitrarily put myself on this Challenge and then arbitrarily take myself off, because that’s not how hunger really works.  I hope that I will continue to remember that, and show the Food Bank love year-round.  I hope you will, too.



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