Hunger Challenge Day 1, Version 2.1-Lunch

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Gentle Reader,

I told you I wasn’t a breakfast eater.  This morning, I again elected sleep over tea.  I feel I made the correct choice.  But when I got to the place where I do some lifesavers consulting a few mornings a week, I hadn’t yet had my usual liquid intake, and so my mouth was dry.  So my breakfast consisted of water.  Lots and lots of water.  Again, correct choice.

But lunch?  That’s a different story entirely.  Today, I had tuna pasta salad.  Which was really more like “tuna-scented” pasta salad with lots of celery, hardboiled eggs, and dill relish (which is actually the only reason I ever eat tuna, anyway-the dill relish…).

There is no recipe.  Cook pasta, chop celery, boil eggs, chop eggs, add relish, add (COOLED) pasta, add more relish, rinse tuna (I KNOW, the bag says you don’t have to drain…but I drain…I’m a believer in draining and rinsing tuna, since sometimes I kind of have an allergic reaction to it…but not all the time, so I’m feeling pretty okay about the decision to eat tuna.  Plus, it was all I could afford.), squeeze tuna dry, add tuna, stir, stir a LOT because you have to make the tuna stretch over WAY too many other ingredients, and then add mayo for your dressing (not Miracle Whip…gross…) and taste for salt (adding eggs to things always makes them need more salt, in my mind) and pepper.  Stir.  Have leftover carrots?  Bring them to the party, too.  Radishes?  We love all kinds.  The only reason I didn’t get more creative was because, hello Budget.  Nice to meet you.

And of course, the beverage was crystal light’s lesser cousin from Wal-Mart.  Fruit punch flavor.

Halfway thru my container, I got bored.  So I put the rest in my fridge.  If I get hungry later?  Then that’ll be my snack.  I wonder if people on food stamps suffer from food boredom?  Or have they figured out ways to add variety to their diet that I, the cheese and bacon and chocolate and ice cream and beef eater have not?

Until Dinner,


PS-I didn’t count the Mayo in my total, because I’m not going to be able to eat all that rice or all that peanut butter, so I figure the per-serving cost of the remainder will cover my mayo/mustard/condiment usage for the week.

PPS-One day in, and I MISS CHEESE.

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