I’m sure this is preparing me for parenthood…

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Gentle Reader,

I am unable to sleep.  (See, Lifesavers Exam Takers?  Being a Real Lifesavers Rabble Rouser also COMPLETELY JACKS YOUR SLEEP SCHEDULE, TOO!!!)  This mission is really and fully in my head now.  Other lifesavers clients call, and I have to think long and hard about exactly what their mission is.

So I think that for a post, I’ll let you know that I am really missing My Boy.  There is something magical about Labradors (I think I’ve said this before?  You do know we like Labradors here at the World’s Smallest Apartment, right?  Like, a bunch?  Okay, then.) and how they always “greet” you at the door, no matter how nicely they were napping before you decided to come home.  The Boy now takes time to stretch a little before he knocks me down in a flurry of “Ohmygoshyoucamebackandyou’rethesmartestpersonontheplanetcanIhavesomekibblenow?” love and excitement.  He used to stretch afterward, but I think now, he’s decided he can trust me.  Plus, I know to scratch his sides while he’s stretching, and I am pretty sure what with all the dramatic groaning that The Boy does (seriously, it’s his funniest habit) he likes that.  And I can use a little of that right now.  But he is getting a LOT more attention and love right now with the parentals at The Ranch, not to mention the cat (with whom he has begun to forge a tenuous detente) and his brother.  That’s what’s best for him while this Lifesavers Mission is going on.

Speaking of, I will be unable to make Dean Long’s Memorial Service.  This Mission, if you can believe it, will still be going on by then.  Please, please, will one of my reader(s?), hug his family for me?  I’m going to write them a nice card in a few weeks (speaking from experience here, I really appreciate it when people send cards a bit later, after the initial shock wears off and life starts to go on) but my arms hurt because I can’t hug them.  I do think he’d be proud that he helped in such a large part, to make my participation in this mission possible.  I hope he’s proud.  I am still humbled and grateful to have known the man, learned from the man, and to have MOVED TO FLIPPIN INDIANA because of the man.  I’ve made a lot of decisions based on feel.  Based on faith.  And nothing else.  Indiana was the best one of those.

Also, almost 1,500 times, someone has clicked on over to this ole blog.  I can’t imagine why.  But wow!  And thank you.  I hope you find my words entertaining.  Mostly.  I try not to delve into the deep mysteries of life, mostly because I don’t know much about those.  I am accepting suggestions for things to write about-all the time.  So if you’re driving down the road, and you think of something and you think, “You know, I’d really like to know what Wordie thinks about ______?”  Please feel free to give me an email or a comment.  I probably have thoughts.  And I’m probably DYING to share them with someone.

Now it’s time to do some work.

Good morning,


5 thoughts on “I’m sure this is preparing me for parenthood…

  1. Does Wordie have an opinion about best way to adjust to a new city? I am getting super-anxious about my move.

    • Ooooh! Post Idea! You rock!!!!! Tonight, too tired. But do not be nervous, and I will post either tomorrow night or Wednesday. I know you, you’re going to do fine in this. You, of all people. XO (PS-I mean, if nothing else, share my breakfast of champions recipe with them, and you’ll make instant friends.)

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