It was time for a new top post.

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Gentle Reader,

I’m pretty sure that we’re all still upset about the loss of our friend, teacher, mentor, and guide, but I needed to see something else at the top of the ole blog.  So I thought I’d tell you about our weekend.

On Friday, some of my fellow Lifesavers alums arrived here in The Great Republic, and I took them to the (SIGH) JFK “area”.  I’ve avoided this stuff like Tom avoids Jerry, like Itchy avoids Scratchy.  I drive over those two “x”es in the road every time I drive to the Place Where I Do My Lifesavers Business, and honestly, the conspiracy wackadoos up on the Grassy Knoll with their newspapers and anecdotal “evidence” creep me out.  (And, may I just say how deeply disappointed I am that we have “x”es on the road marking the shots?  I mean, the Abbey Road crosswalk?  Okay, totally fine to keep that in mint condition.  But this is a major thoroughfare in a major downtown area, and people want to STAND IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD AND HAVE THEIR PICTURE MADE?  OR MAKE PICTURES?  Sickening.)

And, over 40 years later, how fresh is the “news” in those “newspapers” those entrepreneurial street vendors-turned-impromptu tour guides, anyway?  Haven’t we chased down every rabbit in that whole thing?

The Grassy Knoll

But it was entertaining for us, and it was kind of fun to play tourist in my own town.  But it was hot.  So, so hot.

The Infamous Sixth Floor Window

After determining conclusively that there was one shooter, but he couldn’t possibly have planned the thing alone, but that we didn’t know who else was in on the deal, much less care, we went to Central Market.  Amen.

I think that K had the most fun there.  The boys had fun in the beer aisle, but K came out the winner of the day by picking the sausage that tasted the most amazing.  Cashew Blue Cheese Chicken.  A-MA-ZING.  In fact, if I felt like showering and putting on real clothes, I’d go get several, just to have on hand.  Speaking of having things on hand, does anybody know if they still make Herb-Ox?  This is turning into a real problem for me…I LOVE Herb-Ox.  And I am dangerously close to almost running out.  And I have searched four different stores now, and haven’t found it.  I am getting deeply concerned. I found the sodium free version at Central Market, but that DEFEATS THE PURPOSE ENTIRELY NOW, DOESN’T IT?  So-if you see chicken or beef Herb-Ox, please pick me up a jar (I like the cubes), and I will pay you back.

Anyway, after Central Market, we went back to The World’s Smallest Apartment, where we had a quick tour, and picked up the supplies for the weekend, including my Brisket of Love (loosely based on Pioneer Woman’s brisket) and headed to the bakery to pick up what would be dessert for the weekend.  After that, we were off to The Ranch.

Arriving at The Ranch, we toasted R’s Lifesavers Exam Passage, visited with my parents, and began eating.  The Boys were so excited to see everybody, and Scout, recovering from a recent surgery was mellow.  She enjoyed getting passed around from lap to lap and shoulder to shoulder all weekend.

Saturday, I took them to “see the sights” which included Tyler’s “gentlemen’s club” which is BYOB.  Which we all thought was hilarious.  I also took them to Big Daddy’s Garage Sale City, which appeared to be less “city” and more “smallish outbuilding”.  And, at noon on a Saturday, the place was closed.  So we found no bargains there.

We also went by another Junk Store, which is so junky, it has NO NAME.  But if you need any old rusted appliances or tools?  We’ve found your place.  My love of the old dishes is well known, and I found plenty.  Please don’t tell my mama, because I’m still currently on a new/old dish moratorium.  I did not buy them out.

After seeing the sights, we were hungry so we went to the Bean ‘n’ Burger.  Which is actually pretty fantastic as far as burgers go.  None of us went hungry.  K got catfish.  We both got onion rings, which were clearly battered in Heaven by Master Angels (no Trainee Angels touched these rings of goodness).

After, we went to the Fat Dog, which is the liquor store.  (No, we needed no more, but R was looking for a shot glass.)  And then we went back home, and ate the Brisket of Love, and played games.  We learned Scattergories was a game best played a little bit sauced.  Cody tried to learn how not to climb into the dishwasher to “prerinse” for us, or rather K tried to get Cody to learn this, and it wasn’t a terrific success.

And Sunday dawned, and it was time to visit for a few more precious hours, and then head back to Dallas and the airport.  I miss my people, I’m so glad they visited, and I want them to come back right away.

And that was our weekend.

Have a great Monday,



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